Why the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is Worth the Upgrade

Whether you’re already sold on the S24 lineup and thinking about getting the Ultra model, or you’re in need of an upgrade and are looking for a good option, there are many reasons to go with the S24 Ultra.

For one, you can easily protect your investment with a durable, rugged S24 case that will also protect your camera lenses. This is something fairly new to cases, since most leave the lenses uncovered, which means they’re likely to crack if you drop your phone. Being able to protect your smartphone should factor into your purchase decision because you don’t want to spend a bunch of money and be stuck with flimsy options for a case.

There’s also a major upgrade to the battery life and the time it takes to charge. That alone can be a deal-breaker for many people. Most batteries have an awfully short lifespan, but the S24 Ultra is built to last longer than usual.

With that said, here are some of the top reasons you should spend the extra money to get the Samsung S24 Ultra.

1. It’s not an expensive upgrade

Getting the S24 Ultra won’t cost much more than the Plus model. The difference in price starts at an increase of $300 for 256GB of storage. Here’s a comparison:

Base model starting prices:

Standard: $799.99

Plus: $999.99

Ultra: $1,299.99

If you’re already looking at the S24 Plus, it’s not that much of a jump to the Ultra.

If you’re convinced you want the Ultra, the difference in the base price between all three storage options is a bit larger.

S24 Ultra with 256GB storage: $1,299.99

S24 Ultra with 512GB storage: $1,419.99

S24 Ultra with 1TB storage: $1,659.99

Last, if you’re just looking for a new smartphone overall and don’t know which model to get, you’ll find that all of the Samsung Galaxy prices are comparable to other high-quality smartphones on the market.

2. The AI features are awesome

With most new smartphone releases, there isn’t any true innovation. There’s not really anything phone manufacturers can do to create something new. Usually, the upgrades all center on more RAM and storage, a faster processor, and upgrades to the camera system. These are all nice features, but it’s not exciting. 

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra brings AI features to the table that are both exciting and practical. For example, the Circle to Search feature allows you to circle any element on the screen from within any app, and automatically launch a Google search for that element. This makes it easy to search for images and text in just a few seconds without the need to take a screenshot, open your browser, navigate to Google’s image search, and then upload your screenshot.

Another cool feature is the automatic translation of live calls into various languages. Now you can be on a phone call with someone who doesn’t speak your language and have the conversation translated in real-time. You can also translate text messages in the same way.

One of the most useful AI features is the ability to edit photos by removing the background automatically and even swapping faces. For example, you can take 5 different photos of a group of people and then swap out each face to make sure the final photo shows each person’s best face. This will be great for taking photos of kids who tend to blink during family photos. All you’ll need is one good photo of the kid with their eyes open and you can swap out their face in the main photo.

There’s also a generative AI tool that will assist you in creating email and social media messages. This is great for people who struggle to come up with the right message that embodies a particular tone.

3. There’s a special wireless stylus

If you’ve ever had a phone with a stylus, you know how useful they can be when you need to draw, write, or do something with pinpoint accuracy. However, the stylus included with the S24 Ultra is special.

The S24 Ultra stylus can be used both on and off the screen. For example, there are set actions you can perform with the stylus in the air from a distance to engage the phone to go backwards to a previous screen or snap photos from a distance. Since the stylus is wireless, it gets charged when you tuck it back into the corner of the phone.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for innovation, useful and fun AI features, and top-notch specs, the Galaxy S24 has everything you need in a new smartphone.


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