Install Blast Kernel v1.5 On Redmi 5


Kernel version : 1.5

Credits : Jesus Christ


• Added support for TTL fixation. 

• Based on Sukrut kernel source. 

• Upstreamed to 3.18.140. 

• CPU governors: [interactive], interactiveX, alucard, blue_active, conservative, powersave, performance. 

• I/O schedulers: [bfq], zen, sioplus, noop, deadline, cfq. 

• TCP algorithms: [westwood], reno. 

• GPU OC to 740MHz from Nano kernel. 

• Added force fast charge upto 2000mA. 

• Added sound control. 

• Enable lz4 for zram. 

• Add sdFAT filesystem support. 


– Added sdFAT filesystem support 

 – Added support for TTL fixation 

 – Removed userspace, ondemand cpu governors 

 – Added interactiveX, alucard, blue_active CPU governors 

How to install

  • Download the zip file link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery.
  • Go to install and flash downloaded zip file.
  • Reboot and enjoy.


Blast Kernel v1.5 zip file : Download

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