Xiaomi releases MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update for Mi 10 Lite (Download Link)

Over the past few days, a few Xiaomi phones have received the company’s new skin: MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. Last week the affordable Redmi 9T received the enhanced version of the edition with new features. Now the company has started pushing MIUI 12.5 Enhanced towards the Mi 10 Lite. And this version contains a long list of features, tweaks, and improvements for the Mi 10 Lite smartphone.

Here is everything you need to know about Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Update. Xiaomi sows the latest skin on Mi 10 Lite with version number 12.5 RJIMIXM. The update is available for the global variant through a stable channel. This is a great update for Mi 10 Lite smartphone, it may weigh more than normal OTA patches, you can connect your smartphone to a WiFi network for faster download.

This update comes out with a big list of new features and changes, speaking of the features, therefore, the update brings a better memory management system and intelligent balancing improves the management of the base system. The enhanced edition of MIUI 12.5 has a Focus algorithm that dynamically allocates system resources. Xiaomi also fixes a large list of bugs in this fix, the list includes home screen black background issues, status bar color issues, a variety of control center issues, AOD, notifications, screen blocking, and issues in the Themes section. Here is the full changelog which you can review before updating your smartphone.

Mi 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Update – Changelog

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced

  • Swift performance. More life between the charges.
  • Focused algorithms: Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, ensuring smooth experience on all models.
  • Atomized memory: Ultra-fine memory management mechanism will make RAM usage more efficient.
  • Liquid storage: New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive as time goes by.
  • Smart balance: Core system improvements allow your device to make the best of the flagship hardware specs.


  • Optimization: Removed unnecessary sound notifications for DND mode
  • Optimization: Full screen gestures are now ignored on the Lock screen alarm page
  • Fix: Home screen went black and started flashing after unlocking in some cases

System animations

  • Optimization: Animations in selected scenes

Super wallpapers

  • Fix: Status bar colors weren’t displayed correctly in the Dark mode

Control Center

  • New: Swipe down from the upper left corner to open Notification shade and from the upper right corner to open Control center
  • New: When Notification shade is open, swipe down from the upper right corner to open Control center
  • New: Animation that illustrates tapping a bigger card
  • New: An option that allows you to restrict opening Control center while on the Lock screen
  • New: Clock in Control center
  • New: Tapping a blank spot in Control center closes it now
  • Optimization: MIUI 11 custom toggle order is preserved after updating to MIUI 12
  • Optimization: Control center is now closed by incoming calls
  • Optimization: Press and hold redirection options
  • Optimization: Control center layout in landscape mode
  • Optimization: You’ll be now prompted about locked orientation in Landscape mode
  • Fix: Some toggles disappeared from Control center in the editing mode
  • Fix: Brightness adjustment bar couldn’t be used when Control center was opened for the first time
  • Fix: Toasts weren’t shown in Control center
  • Fix: Issues with the Data usage card in Control center
  • Fix: Custom toggles couldn’t be used in Second space or when Ultra battery saver was on
  • Fix: Couldn’t pull down the Notification shade on the Lock screen when the old version of toggle panel was still used
  • Fix: Toggle order wasn’t correct on the old toggle panel
  • Fix: Switching SIM cards crashed the app in some cases
  • Fix: Accessibility features weren’t available in the editing mode
  • Fix: Control center wasn’t always displayed correctly in landscape mode
  • Fix: The status of the Silent mode toggle wasn’t displayed correctly in some cases
  • Fix: The screen flashed while Bluetooth devices were disconnected
  • Fix: Toggles disappeared after Battery saver had been turned off
  • Fix: Control center couldn’t be closed when Ultra battery saver was on
  • Fix: Battery saver toggle didn’t work
  • Fix: Control center wasn’t displayed correctly in Dark mode
  • Fix: Wi-Fi status was updated with a delay in some cases
  • Fix: Content center couldn’t be closed in some cases
  • Fix: Brightness adjustment settings were dismissed after Control center was opened
  • Fix: Incoming calls weren’t displayed correctly in DND mode
  • Fix: Brightness adjustment didn’t work properly in Dark mode
  • Fix: Control center toggles were mixed up after Battery saver had been turned on

Dark mode

  • Optimization: Brightness and color improvements for wallpapers in Dark mode

Always-on Display

  • Fix: Lock screen items were shown on the Always-on display

Status bar, Notification shade

  • New: Permanent Lock screen notifications in the DND mode
  • New: Introducing customizable Lock screen clock (Settings > Lock screen password > Advanced settings). New Lock screen clock doesn’t work with third party themes.
  • New: Animations for toggles
  • New: A toggle for switching between SIM cards
  • New: Double tap to wake or turn off screen
  • New: Refreshed the visual style of the Notification shade
  • New: Screen lights up with an animation now
  • New: Status bar color gradient animation
  • New: An option to switch between connected devices in the notification about media playback
  • Optimization: Readjusted sensitive areas for the dots in the unlock pattern
  • Optimization: GPS icon in the status bar
  • Optimization: The UI for renaming fingerprints
  • Optimization: Readjusted touch-sensitive areas for Wallpaper Carousel
  • Optimization: Algorithms for displaying incoming call notifications
  • Optimization: Third party theme compatibility for Notification shade
  • Optimization: Dark mode adjustments for notifications
  • Fix: Call time bubble overlapped with notification icons
  • Fix: Issues with overlapping in Dual Clock settings
  • Fix: Tapping grouped notifications made them disappear
  • Fix: Screen didn’t always light up for notifications
  • Fix: Screen lock prompt wasn’t displayed correctly in landscape orientation
  • Fix: Issues with triggering the Notification shade during calls
  • Fix: Media volume couldn’t be restored after receiving a notification
  • Fix: Brightness bar didn’t respond to adjustments fast enough
  • Fix: Status bar wasn’t displayed correctly with color inversion
  • Fix: Some notification icons couldn’t be displayed
  • Fix: Notifications flashed in some cases
  • Fix: Lock screen notification animations froze after the device was unlocked using face data
  • Fix: Notifications flashed in some cases
  • Fix: Floating notifications weren’t displayed correctly in landscape mode
  • Fix: Notification badges weren’t updated for incoming notifications on a locked device
  • Fix: Floating notifications overlapped when the transparent background was used
  • Fix: Permission dialog elements overlapped after a notification was long pressed
  • Fix: Notifications weren’t displayed correctly when App lock was used
  • Fix: Cleaner animations weren’t displayed correctly
  • Fix: Notification shade couldn’t be opened in some cases
  • Fix: Notifications weren’t displayed correctly after missed calls
  • Fix: Issues with permissions after missed calls
  • Fix: Status bar icons turned black in some cases
  • Fix: Music player controls weren’t displayed in some cases
  • Fix: App notification switches didn’t always work
  • Fix: The button for clearing memory wasn’t always displayed correctly in the Notification shade
  • Fix: Issues with displaying grouped notifications
  • Fix: Player controls weren’t always displayed in the Notification shade
  • Fix: Notifications weren’t always displayed correctly when “Raise to wake” was used
  • Fix: Buttons weren’t always displayed correctly on the notifications when Dark mode was on
  • Press and drag the Lock screen shortcut to open Camera
  • GPS toggle renames as “Location”

Lock screen

  • New: New fingerprint options
  • Optimization: Special effects for fingerprint scanner
  • Optimization: App vault memory usage when device is locked
  • Fix: Custom signature didn’t appear on the Lock screen
  • Fix: Fingerprint unlock didn’t work on Always-on display in some cases
  • Fix: The screen flashed after the device was unlocked in Reading mode
  • Fix: Fingerprint unlock animation kept playing after the device was unlocked
  • Fix: Issues in the Settings deactivated Fingerprint unlock in some cases
  • Fix: Fingerprint unlock animation led to crashes
  • Fix: Fingerprint icon didn’t appear or was displayed incorrectly when the screen was turned off in landscape mode
  • Fix: The screen went black, device was locked, and Lock screen wallpaper was replaced with Home screen wallpaper after Fingerprint unlock was used
  • Fix: Issues with Fingerprint unlock vibration
  • Fix: Using fingerprints in some apps locked the device
  • Fix: “Raise to wake” turned off unexpectedly in some cases
  • Fix: Fingerprint icon didn’t disappear after the device was unlocked
  • Fix: Fingerprint icon didn’t disappear after the device was unlocked
  • Fix: Lock screen went transparent after Fingerprint unlock was used in some cases
  • Fix: Issues with the Lock screen clock when third party themes and super wallpapers were used
  • Fix: Memory issues when dual clock was displayed
  • Fix: Memory usage issues when charging animation was displayed
  • Fix: Wallpapers flashed when Fingerprint unlock was being used which didn’t allow to unlock the device
  • Fix: Device was locked again after successful Fingerprint unlock attempts
  • Fix: Using Face unlock and Fingerprint unlock simultaneously led to crashes in some cases
  • Fix: Lock screen notifications disappeared after an ended call
  • Fix: Lock screen items weren’t displayed when super wallpapers and themes were combined
  • Removed: Lock screen and Always-on display issues in Second space


  • Fix: Wallpapers flashed while device was being unlocked in some cases
  • Fix: Wallpaper services crashed in some cases
  • Fix: Some wallpaper previews weren’t displayed correctly
  • Fix: The screen flashed while Fingerprint unlock was being used
  • Fix: Wallpapers stayed dark after Dark mode was turned off in some cases
  • Fix: Home screen background went black after Ultra battery saver was turned off
  • Fix: Incorrect voice prompts for downloading super wallpapers in Accessibility mode
  • Fix: Text truncation issues in super wallpapers
  • Fix: UI elements overlapped in the super wallpaper settings
  • Fix: Navigation buttons weren’t displayed correctly in the super wallpaper settings
  • Fix: Wallpapers from First space were also applied in Second space when Battery saver was on
  • Fix: Wallpapers weren’t displayed correctly in Second space
  • Fix: When system font size was set to large, super wallpaper descriptions overlapped during the setup process


  • New: You can blur the previews of some apps in Recents now
  • Fix: Previews weren’t displayed correctly

Mi 10 Lite users can now upgrade their phones to the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition update. For the time being, the update is rolling over the air, may take some time to reach every unit. If you’re in a haste and want to update your phone to the new update, then you can download the recovery ROM and update your phone to the new update.

  • Download Mi 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update [] (Global Stable)

Before upgrading your smartphone, I recommend taking a backup, before diving into the process and charging your device to at least 50%. To sideload the recovery zip Mi 10 Lite, you can flash it from the custom Recovery.

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