Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro (RISC-V) version is officially released

On December 29, 2021, the first Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro version supporting RISC-V architecture was finally released, thanks to the joint efforts of the Unikylin community and the Haihe Lab R&D team!

As the first architecture that can be used completely freely, RISC-V allows expansion of its instruction set to achieve different developments, and it has become more and more popular in recent years. It is our intention to develop the Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Pro RISC-V version, to provide an unlimited use environment for businesses and developers.

Of course, although RISC-V has such obvious architectural advantages, its disadvantages are also obvious, meaning that the application ecosystem is not perfect. The release of the Eukylin RISC-V version comes with 20+ self-built software, which enriches the RISC-V application ecosystem to a certain extent, and provides special support for developers and businesses using RISC-V. does. We will continue to work on building the RISC-V ecosystem to add to that.

The following is a detailed introduction video about the RISC-V version:

Version features

  • Brand new kernel: Linux Kernel 5.11 version
  • Stable toolchain: glibc 2.31, OpenJDK 11, rustc 1.41, GCC 9.3, Python 3.8, ruby ​​2.7.0, perl 5.30, golang 1.13, Qt 5.12
  • Beautiful desktop environment: UKUI 3.0
  • Rich desktop applications: browser epihany-browser 3.36.4, office suite calligra 3.1.0, and Kylin series applications

Known issues

  • After changing the password on the control panel, the authorization window password is still the original password
  • When there is only one user, the user type is displayed as a standard user
  • Unable to restart, shut down, hibernate, or sleep
  • Occasionally the keyboard and mouse malfunction during use (it is recommended to plug the keyboard into the lower interface of USB CONN 1. If there is a problem, you need to replug the keyboard/mouse)
  • Use win + arrow keys to adjust the position of the text editor, then close and open, the editor size changes

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