The Most Popular Custom ROMs of 2020


Hey boys how are you i hope you all are doing good and haviny good health. Today i will tell you about some popular and useful Custom Roms.

Lineage OS

Started as a successor of the infamous Custom ROM CyanogenMod, LineageOS is undoubtedly one of the most famous Custom ROM. LineageOS aims of providing the very same experience as an OEM does i.e Stability, Security and Speed for all of its device. All of the devices supported officially by the LineageOS follows a strict set of rules stated in its charter. The source code of both the ROM as well as devices is completely opensource. LineageOS even provides Nightly and Monthly updates for all of its officially supported devices. A lot of Custom ROMs uses LineageOS as a base for development. It can be assumed how famous and trusted LineageOS from the stats that 1.8 million Android devices run LineageOS. Work on LineageOS-16.0 based on Android Pie is currently going on.

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit


Packing a load of features but while preferring stability over them, OmniROM is also one of the most famous Custom ROM. OmniROM thrives to achieve new innovations while maintaining stability and has been able to do so perfectly. Open delta and the OmniSwitch are some of the most famous features of the OmniROM out there. OmniROM is also used as a base for many Custom ROM projects.  Cool wallpapers, great selection of apps, a load of features, stability, and security are some of the reasons why OmniROM has been a great choice among the users. The famous TWRP also resides on OmniROM’s GitHub organization. OmniROM based on Android Pie is released and is available to download for official devices as well.

You can view our review of the Android Oreo-based OmniROM here.

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is an old and one of the most famous and favorite choices among the users. Not only for stability, Paranoid Android is also famous for its unique features developed in-house. However, after the release of AOSPA based on Android KitKat, development has been slowed down considerably a lot of times. Still Paranoid Android has been a famous Custom ROM and really popular among the users. Recently, the team behind Paranoid Android released its official beta updates for a select number of phones. As its still in beta, bugs and missing features are to be expected.

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit

Resurrection Remix OS

Based on LineageOS, while deriving its features from a lot of Custom ROMs, Resurrection Remix OS has been around since Android 4.0. Stability while doing no compromise over the number of customizations, Resurrection Remix OS is a real community favorite Custom ROM. All kind of features which you can imagine and want in an OS with stability, OTA, community support and a lot of great stuff are packed into this Custom ROM. There has been continuous development while keeping in mind about user preference is one of the reasons why Resurrection Remix OS is one of the most famous and go to Custom ROM for customizations among the community. 

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit

Pixel Experience

Developed by XDA Recognized Developer jhenrique09, Pixel Experience s a ROM that aims to bring as many features as possible from the Google Pixel to other devices. There is just nothing more or nothing less. It brings what a Pixel offers into your Android device. A lot of Pixel Specific feature such as Pixel Exclusive Sounds, Wallpapers, Now Playing on the lock screen is available on Pixel Experience. It has been a really popular choice among users. Pixel Experience supports a lot of devices while aiming to maintain stability and security. Pixel Experience based on Android Pie for download for official devices.

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is an Android Custom ROM developed by XDA Recognized Contributor ishubhamsingh. Based on AOSP, it offers a selected number of features from various Custom ROMs while keeping stability in mind. It derives those various features from famous Custom ROMs such as LineageOS, OmniROM, Dirty Unicorns, ABC and others. AOSP Extended publishes some stats on a separate website for users here like the number of installations, top countries, and others. AOSP Extended v6.x based on Android Pie is available for download for official devices.

Official Website | GitHub | Gerrit


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