Redmi Note 10 Lite receives Android 11 based MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Update

MIUI 12.5 is no longer the latest update for Xiaomi phones since MIUI 13 was recently announced. But there are some devices left to get the MIUI 12.5 update. Redmi Note 10 Lite is Xiaomi’s latest phone that gets MIUI 12.5 better update based on Android 11. MIUI 13 is still a long way off for mid-range and entry-level Xiaomi phones. And until then, MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition will fill the gap.

The MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition was released in mid-2021 and moved to batch-enabled devices. And most devices have already received the update. With this update, another phone MIUI 12.5 better update,d, and a lesser Xiaomi phone are included with the old MIUI 12 update.

MIUI 12.5 better updates for Redmi Note 10 Lite based on Android 11 is launching in India. This is a static update that is available to users as OTA. Redmi Note 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 comes with improved update build number V12.5.1.0.RJWINRF. Updates can weigh heavily, so be sure to use Wi-Fi to update your phone.

When it comes to features, you can expect great improvements. This is a better update to the upper part of Android 11. Below you can find the changelog for the latest update.

(MIUI 12.5 Enhanced)

  • Swift performance. More life between the charges.
  • Focused algorithms: Our new algorithms will dynamically allocate system resources based on specific scenes, ensuring smooth experience on all models.
  • Atomized memory: Ultra-fine memory management mechanism will make RAM usage more efficient.
  • Liquid storage: New sensitive storage mechanisms will keep your system vibrant and responsive as time goes by.


  • Stable MIUI based on Android 11

If you are a Redmi Note 10 Lite user in India then you can expect the update anytime on your phone. As usual, it is a batch rollout which means the update will arrive for a group of users one by one. In case you don’t get the OTA update notification, you can check for the update manually by going to Settings > Software Update.

You can also download the Redmi Note 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update OTA and ROM to update your devices immediately. You can get the file below.

Stable MIUI 12.5:

  • Download Redmi Note 10 Lite MIUI 12.5 Enhanced update [V12.5.1.0.RJWINRF] (Full ROM)

Before upgrading your smartphone, I recommend taking a backup before diving into the process and charging your device to at least 50%.

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