Magisk Process Error Installation Failed | How to Fix 

Magisk has been our choice when it comes to super SU management and administration. No other apps are as good as Magusk and skip the easy installation process. However, with the new Android updates and the increasing difficulty of rooting, many users are facing Magisk Process Error Installation Failed whatever they try to use the app. With Magisk, this issue is caused by a lack of media access or other media issues.

Magisk is an open-source super management app that is loved by millions of users around the world. The app has undergone a number of changes over the last few months, such as removing asynchronous features such as removing Magiskhide or removing Magisk repositories. But since it is open source development, many developers are working hard to improve this project every day.

How to Fix Magisk Process Error Installation Failed

Process error generally means that the issue was somewhere during the flashing process. Either the file you downloaded is corrupt or just not compatible with Magisk. Or it is possible that you don’t have given storage access to the file manager app. Although the exact reason can be found with the error log, the below methods will help you troubleshoot the problem without it.

Redownload Zip File

The most common reason behind Magisk Process Error Installation Failed error is incompatible or corrupted files. Whenever you download a file with slow internet, there are slight chances that the download will corrupt. So make sure to check the downloaded file with its checksum, or try to download the file from an official source.

Check Zip Format

Magisk is only compatible with compressed ZIP or IMG format files only. Any other file format will throw you installation errors. Sometimes the flashing zip you will download from the internet will be in 7z or RAR format. You have to extract these files to get the Magisk compatible ZIP or IMG formats.

Check App Storage Permissions

In many cases, it’s quite possible that the ZIP file is correct and valid, but the file manager app you use within Magisk does not have storage permissions. So eventually, Magisk will start the installation process, but will not be able to find the file and hence the installation error!

So to fix this, you have to make sure the app has relevant storage permission. Assuming you will be using EX File explorer as a file manager app, here are the steps to give storage permissions.

Open ES File Manager or download it fresh from the Playstore.

It will ask you for storage permission, Grant all permissions. After this, start the Magisk installation process and select ES file explorer when it asks for flashable zip file access, it will not show any errors now.

Check File Permissions

Make sure the file you are flashing has both Read, write, and executable permission. It is important to have these permissions as without these, you cannot access the file and hence Magisk will not be able to flash it on your phone.

You can easily check or change file permissions with ES file explorer.

Find FIle location and choose to change permission from file options.

Here make sure all the checkboxes are ticked under-read, write, and executables.

Read Error Log

The above methods will surely help to clear all possible errors, but there are many reasons on why you are facing the installation error. To get a clear picture, it is important to check the error log from Magisk. /storage/emulated/0/boot.img: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied).

As you see in the above error log, we can easily identify that issue is due to permissions denied – so we can go ahead and grant relevant permission to the app. Similarly, there can be different issues that you will be able to identify from the error log only.

Final words

So these are the steps to fix the Magsus process error installation field. Hope you can solve this problem on your own. Also, we recommend that you update the Magisk Manager to the latest version. If you have any questions about the above steps, let us know in the comments.

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