Latest Magisk v22.0 is here with Major changes (Download Now)

Magisk is undoubtedly the best tool for any Android phone for many years. And if you root your phone then most probably you already know about it. John Wu, the Magisk developer has announced the latest Magisk v22.0 with big changes. It is a big update that is focused on the Magisk user experience. Here you will get to download Magisk v22.0 along with the list of changes.

John Wu has released many builds in a few weeks to enhance the Magisk performance. But this update is all about the user experience that simplifies the use of Magisk. As you know Magisk Manager is the app that is used to manage the Magisk implementation with a simple user interface. And both Magisk & Magisk Manager is required to enjoy the advantages of Magisk.

With the latest Magisk 22.0, John Wu has taken a big step by combining both Magisk and Magisk Manager packages to reduce the complexity. It means from now on there will be no Magisk Manager. Don’t worry the app will be available with the name Magisk, but it will include everything that requires for the Magisk installation. Now users can easily operate everything just from a single app.

Download Magisk v22.0

Magisk v22.0 – Changelog

The latest Magisk 22.0 brings many other changes along with dropping the Magisk Manager. You can check the latest Magisk 22.0 changelog below.

  • [General] Magisk and Magisk Manager is now merged into the same package!
  • [App] The term “Magisk Manager” is no longer used elsewhere. We refer it as the Magisk app.
  • [App] Support hiding the Magisk app with advanced technique (stub APK loading) on Android 5.0+ (it used to be 9.0+)
  • [App] Disallow re-packaging the Magisk app on devices lower than Android 5.0
  • [App] Detect and warn about multiple invalid states and provide instructions on how to resolve it
  • [MagiskHide] Fix a bug when stopping MagiskHide does not take effect
  • [MagiskBoot] Fix bug when unpacking lz4_lg compressed boot images
  • [MagiskInit] Support Galaxy S21 series
  • [MagiskSU] Fix incorrect APEX paths that caused fail to load

Magisk v22.0 also brings the advanced app hiding technique to hide the Magisk app for devices running on Android 9.0 or lower. Also, it fixes some bugs on Magisk with the latest Magisk v22.0.

Download Magisk v22.0

Magisk v22.0 is available as apk that now lets you also download the latest Magisk package directly from the app. And now you also don’t need Magisk Manager that sometimes leads to complexity when downloading or installing Magisk from the app. It is one of the major updates since the past few releases.

Also, the Magisk app supports flashing custom recovery zip files in the app itself. John Wu already has written a separate guide on how to install flashable zip files using the app. You can download the latest Magisk v22.0 apk to install the Magisk tool on your Android phone.

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Magisk is a popular tool for rooting Android phones. And this is also the reason that keeps many old Android phones running. And if you are also thinking of rooting your Android phone, then Magisk is the tool that lets you root your phone. Not only rooting but it also offers advanced features as well as Magisk Modules.

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