Install Stock Rom on Pixel 6A via Fastboot Commands (firmware)


In this guide, we will show you the steps to flash stock firmware on your Pixel 6A device using fastboot commands. Apart from a clean stock OS experience and a great camera, Pixel devices are always at the forefront to be blessed with the latest updates. Whether it’s month-to-month security patches or major Android OS upgrades, Google’s offering is rewarded at an early stage.

Whenever an update is ready, you will be notified and you can easily download and install it from the settings menu. So why the need to download these updates manually? Well, there could be many reasons why you might need to perform this task manually. First and foremost, if your Pixel 6A is in a bricked or bootloop state, you can easily bring it back to life by flashing stock firmware via fastboot commands.

Similarly, if a device’s partition is corrupted, you can extract that partition file from the firmware and flash it through fastboot. Also, if you want to root your device, you need to get your hands on the stock boot.img file from the firmware. Overall, there could be many reasons why you might need to perform this task. So without further ado, let us walk you through the steps to start the manual firmware flashing process.

How to install Stock Firmware on Pixel 6A via Fastboot Commands

STEP 1: Install Android SDK

Download : Link

STEP 2: Download Pixel 6A Stock Firmware

  • Next up, you will have to get hold of your device‚Äôs stock firmware. So download it from the below link (it is recommended to download the latest available firmware)
Firmware for Pixel 6A [bluejay]: Download Link
  • Once you have downloaded the firmware, extract it inside the platform-tools folder.
  • Likewise, rename the bootloader, image and radio files as instructed below so that it becomes easier to type in the CMD window:
    • bootloader-bluejay-bluejay-x.x-xxxxxxx.img to bootloader.img
    • to
    • radio-bluejay-xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-x-xxxxxxx to radio.img

STEP 3: Unlock Bootloader Pixel 6A

Next, you will also have to unlock the bootloader of the device. Keep in mind that doing so will erase all data from your device and may also void its warranty. So if that’s all well and good, please refer to our detailed guide on how to unlock bootloader on Google Pixel 6A.

STEP 4: Boot Pixel 6A to Fastboot Mode

Now you have to boot your device in fastboot mode. In most cases, as soon as the device is soft bricked it automatically boots to fastboot. However, if your device is stuck in a boot loop, let it remove the battery to turn off the device. Then connect your device to the charger and as you do so, press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys. Your device will now boot to Fastboot.

STEP 5: Flash Firmware on Pixel 6A via Fastboot Commands

  • To begin with, connect your device to the PC via USB cable. Make sure it is booted to Fastboot Mode
  • Then head over to the platform-tools folder, type in CMD in the address bar, and hit Enter. This will launch the Command Prompt.
  • Now type in the following command in the CMD window to flash the bootloader file:
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
  • After that, execute the below command to boot your device back to Fastboot Mode
fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • Next up, flash the radio file using the below command
fastboot flash radio radio.img
  • You will now again have to boot your device to Fastboot Mode, so use the below command for that
fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • Finally, you may now flash all the other partition files present inside the file. However, before that, you will have to decide whether you want to format your device or not.
  • Generally, it is recommended to perform a factory reset [and is a must in case of bricked or bootloop]. On the other hand, if you are only installing monthly security patches without any change in the Android version, then you may skip the format.
  • Anyways, we have listed both the commands below, you may refer to the one that is in sync with your requirement
FACTORY RESET: fastboot -w update
WITHOUT RESET: fastboot update
  • Once the flashing is complete, you may now use the below command to boot your device to the OS
fastboot reboot

that’s it. These were the steps to flash stock firmware on your Pixel 6A device via fastboot commands. If you have any queries regarding the above steps, let us know in the comments. We will contact you with a solution as soon as possible.