Install MIUI Pro 10 V9.1.24 On Redmi 5|Better Then MIUI Global

Status : stable

Credits : MIUI PRO

Set up size : 1.19 GB

Android version : Oreo 8.1.0

MIUI Pro version : V9.1.124


1- iOS Global Font – San Francisco Text.
2- Network custom settings depending on condition (i.e: Switch off wifi after incoming call-Switch off mobile data when connected to wifi-etc).
3- Custom timeout for selecting primary calling SIM for both SIM cards.
4- Custom animations – Screen off, app switching, etc.
5- More settings for MIUI launcher – hiding apps, app icons labels, shadows etc.
6- Rounded screen corners.
7- Custom volume controls.
8- Volume bar timeout.
9- Custom sound options.
10- Face unlock.
11- Gesture Support.
12- Battery text & colors.
13- Full-Screen Mode.
14- On-screen buttons.
15- Hide search bar in the status bar.
16- Hide brightness panel in the status bar.
17- Hide weather in the status bar.
18- Change status bar icons style and layout.
19- Hide network speed below certain speeds.
20- Set number of toggles in the status bar.21- As compared to Xiaomi.EU it is more smooth and fluid, better multi-tasking.
22- Emergency SOS feature support.
23- Icons reflection on desktop.
24- Shadows of icons on desktop.
25- Gestures on the desktop (i.e: Swipe UP Double tap-Application on Swipe or Double tap).
26- Awesome battery life.
27- Additional settings with more options and gestures.
28- Optimized system resources and power consumption.
29- Required minimum of Google services.
30- Extended reboot menu.
31- Tweaks build.prop.
32- Modified stock darker and the application “Phone” (the ability to turn on the maximum screen backlight when you call and configure the action after the end of the call).
33- Possibility of including full-screen photo when calling.
34- Option to select the default photo when calling.
35- Call recording quality settings.
36- Flashlight settings when ringing.
37- Advanced network type selection settings.
38- Setting the network type when making a call.
39- Connection timers.
40- Advanced battery indicator settings.
41- Fixed the counter of notifications on the icons.
42- Possibility on / off. sound when you connect and disconnect the charger.
43- Possibility of manually selecting the color of the LED from the palette.
44- Possibility on / off. screen when connecting / disabling. charger.
45- The ability to set the color of the percent text (own, gradient, default).

46- Endless scrolling of desktops.
47- Gestures anywhere on the screen with the ability to assign any actions to them.

48- Assigning your application to a combination of buttons.
49- Sound delivery report (SMS).
50- Modified stock darker and the application “Phone” (the ability to turn on the maximum screen backlight when you call and configure the action after the end of the call).
51- Cut excess Chinese applications.
52- Own firmware and patch repository.
53- Assembled on the basis of Chinese weekly firmware (China Dev.).
54- Pop-up message was disabled when selecting the ” 3G only “.
55- The ability to set your application to hold the function keys.
56- Camera tweaks (shooting modes, 4K and shooting with the screen off, noise reduction, etc.).
57- On/Off vibration when unlocking with a fingerprint.
58- Screen off animation.
59- A-GPS settings.
60- Switching tracks with volume buttons.
More and more options and controls you will find and discover. Also, this ROM is too smooth and fast.

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How to install

  • Download the Rom from the link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery (preferred recovery is TWRP).
  • Go to wipe and wipe everything except the internal storage and sd card.
  • Now go to install and flash the downloaded Rom.
  • Reboot and wait it will take up to 15 minutes on first boot.
  • Enjoy.


MIUI Pro 10 V9.1.24 Rosy : Download

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