Install Hydrgen OS On Redmi 5 | Android 10 Port Rom | Stable


Status : Stable

Credits : 👤 Anmol

Android: 10

Port from: OnePlus 6

Date: 22th April, 2020


  • Bluetooth audio (otherwise Bluetooth works)
  • SD Card contents only shows on file manager and apps that support directory browse (added supported gallery)


  • Fixed OnePlus Dialer
  • Fixed 3 Button Navbar
  • Fixed Big Volume Panel
  • Removed more bloat
  • Revamped Settings app
  • Rounded Corners added
  • Fixed Notification Clear big button
  • Added Cam, OP widgets, etc.

How to fix mobile data issue

For single sim users

For single sim users who stuck at data not turning on and off.

  1. open any file manager with root access (preferably es file explorer)
  2. Navigate to /system or /vendor and open build.prop file with es note editor
  3. now search for this line
  4. edit this to and save it
  5. reboot.
  6. to bring back multi-sim feature again change it again to

For double sim users

If you find mobile data is not working then do this

Insert 2 sim cards on your phone.. and after inserting go to Settings and then WiFi and Network and then Sim and Network Settings.. go down there . select default mobile data for your sim card. Also select default sim for SMS. and take out that extra sim.. you data will be fixed.


  • Join us at @HydrOxy_Os | @rosy_global
  • ROM will be laggy at first but will soon be normal after sometime
  • If you face Mobile Data issues, contact me here or in group here.
  • After flash ROM update GMS and Play Store app before login and wait for some time. It’ll start working fine. Download from here.

How to install

  • Download the Rom from the link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery preferred recovery is Xdoge TWRP.
  • Go to wipe and wipe everything except the internal storage and sd card.
  • Now go to install and flash downloaded ROM (Do not install gapps).
  • Reboot and update google play store and google play services(Download from here).
  • Enjoy.


Hydrogen OS 10 FOR ROSY Download: MEGA // Google Drive

Google Play Services 20.15.1500 APK : Download

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