How to unlock bootloader on Vivo V21e | Easy Method

A bootloader is a component or code in the operating system that is executed before any Android device is launched. A locked bootloader device will not allow you to modify this boot loader and thus you are stuck using the same operating system (booting) that the device originally came with. Once you unlock the bootloader on your device, it will give you the ability to install other versions of the operating system on your phone.

In this article you will learn how to unlock bootloader on your Vivo V21e without permission from manufacturers.


  • before using the tool Read all device partitions
  • work after unlock: flashing via fastboot, EDL via Fastboot no More test Point
  • all userdata will be erased Make a backup of userdata and move it to PC or any other drive’
  • issue after unlock: fingerprint (Solution available), No Readback via EDL, No fastboot boot .img’

Download Links:

  • Vivo QCOM Bootloader unlocker V3: Download
  • Limited to some firmware Versions. I have No Idea about latest version

How to unlock bootloader on Vivo V21e

  • Download Vivo QCOM Bootloader unlocker V3 & extract it
  • Install adb fastboot driver on your computer
  • on Phone enable usb debugging and OEM unlock from developers options
  • connect Phone in fastboot mod and Click ‘unlock Now‘ & wait for Result’s, done
  • if any tool Related error, Open task manager and end any running adb.exe or fastboot.exe process.

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