How to Unbrick All Xiaomi Phones Easily

If you are familiar with custom ROM or polishing your phone, chances are you have tried polishing your Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO phone. Flashing Xiaomi phones used to be an easy and fast process, but now, things have changed. Your phone needs an unlocked bootloader to flash. But what if the bootloader is locked and you accidentally bricked your phone hard and got stuck on this screen? Today I will share a way to fix your hard brick Xiaomi phone.

There’s a layer of protection that needs to be unlocked to change or edit your phone’s software. Every phone has this layer of security, in the case of Android, it is called boot loader, while in the case of iPhone it is called iBoot. The boot loader has two levels, primary and secondary.

The primary bootloader hardware is locked and can only be accessed after opening the body of the phone. Only an authorized technician can unlock it (so it is best not to play with it unless you are the right person to do it.) While the secondary boot loader software is locked, it can be unlocked after your phone company allows it to be unlocked.

How to Fix Bricked or Hard Bricked Phones Easily


How to Unbrick Xiaomi Phones & Flash MIUI ROM

Download the Latest Official  MIUI Fastboot ROM for your Xiaomi Phone here and unzip the folder on your desktop.

2. Now download the ADB drivers and Mi Flash tool on your windows from the above mention links.

3. Open the MI Flash tool on your desktop and boot your phone into fastboot mode. To do this first turn off your phone and Hold down the Volume Down button + Power button for few seconds.

4. Now your Xiaomi phone will boot in the fastboot mode and you will see the MI Bunny on the screen of your phone.


4. Once your phone in fastboot mode, connect your phone to the PC with the USB cable. Make sure you are using the Orginal USB cable and USB 2.0 Port on Your PC or Laptop.

5. Next, go to MI flashing tool and tap on ‘Refresh’ button to see the connected devices.


6. Now go the Extracted MIUI Fastboot folder and copy the path of the folder.


7. Now go back to the Flash tool and paste that path in the “Select” Option.


8. Now in the right bottom of your MI flash tool, you will see three option “clean all”, “save user data” and “clean all and lock”. From here check the Clean all option. If you don’t want to Delete Data from your phone then chose “Save user data” option, in case if you want to Lock the bootloader of your phone then choose “Clean all and Lock” option.


9. Now Tap on ‘Flash’ at the top right to start the flashing process.


10. Now this will flash the Fastboot MIUI ROM on your phone. Once complete you will see the “Success” message on the screen, And  your phone will reboot.


Video Guide: Unbrick Xiaomi phone

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