How to Root Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G 

What Is Rooting?

Rooting Android literally means you have complete control over your phone, you can make any changes to your phone once the device is rooted. After rooting your phone, you can install Magus modules to customize your phone, improve your phone’s battery life with some modes, install a custom kernel, custom ROM Yes, you can even uninstall many system apps from your phone.

But before you root your phone, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of rooting an Android device.

Advantages Of Rooting

  • After rooting, you can Customize your phone according to your requirements, for this you can flash lots of magisk modules on your phone.
  • You can Uninstall System Apps.
  • You have Full Control over the smartphone.
  • You can easily Take a Complete Backup of your Android phone.
  • And lots more, So many mods are available for the rooted phone.

Requirements to Root

Root Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G with Magisk

1. You first need to have an unlocked bootloader on your phone, so if that’s not done, follow our guide for the same.

2. Download the Magisk Patched image for your Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G (India) Here (Note11ProPlus-Patched_IN_13.0.2.0.TBN.img). Save the Patched Image file on your Android Platform Tools. Make sure the ADB Fastboot Drivers are installed on your PC.

2. Now time to boot your phone in fastboot mode. To do this Open the platform-tool folder that you downloaded above. Now Open the command prompt window in this folder. To do so, hold the Shift key and right-click in an empty location inside the platform-tools folder and select Open PowerShell window here or Open the command prompt window.

Now in the command prompt window run the following command to boot your phone in fastboot mode.

adb reboot loader

Or you can boot it manually by holding the Volume Down + Power Button.

3. Now your phone will boot in the fastboot mode.

4. Next, type the following command lines to patch the magisk boot image on your phone and hit Enter on the keyboard:

fastboot flash boot Note11ProPlus-Patched_IN_13.0.2.0.TBN.img

5. Now the patched image is flashed on your phone and your phone is rooted. Now run the following command to reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot


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