How to Root OnePlus 10T with Magisk


How to Root OnePlus 10T Using Magisk – Today, through this article, I will show how to root OnePlus 10T. We will use Magisk Manager applications to root OnePlus 10T. This process will be very easy and will be in English language. Before starting this process, let me warn you that if your mobile phone dies during this process, I will not be responsible. Do this at your own risk. Here you will not be told any wrong procedure.

Download Magisk APK for rooting your phone

Download : Link

Advantages of Rooting in OnePlus 10T

  1. Can easily install Custom Rom.
  2. You can customize your mobile phone in your own way.
  3. You will have complete control over your mobile.
  4. Uninstall pre-install apps.
  5. You can install all the applications of Root.

Disadvantages of Rooting in OnePlus 10T

  1. If your mobile phone is in Warranty, then you will lose your Warranty.
  2. If you make any mistake at the time of rooting, then your phone can be bricked.
  3. Your phone’s entire security will be gone.
  4. You will not get OTA Update on your phone.

How to Root OnePlus 10T Using Magisk

There are 4 easy steps in this process.

Step 1. Bootloader Unlock on OnePlus 10T.

Step 2. Flash TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 10T.

Step 3. Root OnePlus 10T Via Magisk.

  • First, download the Magisk Manager File on your phone.
  • Now move the Magisk Manager file to your internal storage.
  • Make sure that TWRP Recovery Mode is properly installed on your phone.
  • After this, you have to switch off your OnePlus 10T and after switching off, you have to press Volume Down + Power Button simultaneously. After that, your phone will come to TWRP Recovery Mode.
  • Click on Installation.
  • After clicking install, you have to select the Magisk Manager file and Slide Swipe To Confirm Flash.
  • After the flash, you have to click on the Reboot System.
  • Now, your OnePlus 10T has been completely rooted.

Step 4. Check Root on OnePlus 10T Via Root Checker.