How to Remove bloatware from any Android Phone without Root

Bloatware is an utility that comes preinstalled on any android phone and isn’t anyt any use of the phone user.

Bloatware is furnished through Phone corporations to boom their sales whilst the rate of that mobiles is low. Popular telecellsmartphone corporations like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and so on offer their personal bloatware that maximum customers don’t use however nevertheless to be had on their smartphones. Recently, I located a trick to put off bloatware from any android mobiles with out the use of root.

Download Universal Android Debloater

Download From Here

How to remove bloatware from any android phone?

1 . First of all, Visit this link and Download the latest version of Universal Android Debloater app

2 . Install it on your windows, Mac or Linux system.

3. Make sure ADB is also installed on your Laptop/Computer.

4. Now, Open your Smartphone and Enable Developer Options.

5. Enable USB Debugging inside developer options.

6. Connect your Phone to your laptop with USB Cable.

7. Open Cmd and Type “adb devices” to check if your device is connected.

8. Now, Open Universal Android Debloater in your laptop.

9. You will see your smartphone model name on the left top corner.

10. Now, Choose All Apps (Don’t use recommended apps).

11. Select the list of apps you want to uninstall.

12. Tap on Uninstall Selection and It will remove the selected apps from your android phone.

13. Reboot your phone and you will be able to see some free space, more memory, etc.

Note: Removed Bloatwares won’t come again in case you replace your mobiles however in case you reset your phone, it’ll come again again. So, take into account it earlier than doing manufacturing unit reset. For greater information about Universal Android Debloater

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