How to install Oxygen OS 7 Android 10 on Redmi 5 | Stable Rom | OnePlus 7 Post Rom


Stable : Stable

Credits : 👤 @nayan942

Thanks : @dib123 for helping

Android: 10

Port from: OnePlus 7

Date: 24th Mar, 2020


  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Dt2w (fix available)
  • SD Card contents only shows on file manager and apps that support directory browse (so added a gallery which will show all of your videos and photos in one place)
  • No workaround for music files saved on SD so move music (if any) to internal.

Note : Don’t worry these bugs are not major bugs


  • Fixed battery drain
  • Fixed fingerprint not working when screen off (press fingerprint twice, one for waking up display and second for unlocking)
  • Fixed mobile data
  • Fixed developer options
  • Many more.


  • DPI unfixable so use Google Dialer app (Download apk file from the link below) as default Phone app.
  • Set smallest width to 385/395
  • On first boot ROM might be laggy, use it for sometime and it’ll be fixed automatically.

If you face mobile data problem then contact the Dev on his telegram. He’ll help you fix it.

How to install

  • Download the Rom and Flame GApps Basic from the link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed Custom recovery (preffered recovery is Xdoge TWRP)
  • Go to wipe and wipe everything except the internal storage and sd card.
  • Now go to install and flash downloaded Rom + Flame Gapps Basic .
  • Reboot and install Google phone APK file.
  • Enjoy.

Watch full review and installation video


Oxygen OS 7 For Rosy : Download

Flame Gapps Basic edition : Download

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