How to install LineageOS 19.1 Android 12.1 on All Android Phones (Complete Guide)

The most popular Lineage OS ROM has just been updated to Android 12.1 with Blood version 19.1. It comes with all the Android 12 and 12.1 gadgets introduced by Google in last year’s I / O 2021. While we are waiting for the developer of Android 13 to stabilize the preview, the development of Android 12 became the most popular and interesting with its entry. Custom ROM for Android called Lineage OS 19.1.

Lineage OS 19.1 build brings the latest Android 12.1 and Android 12L support. For those confused, Android 12.1 was released on March 2022 with the feature Drop for Pixel Phone. This is a minor upgrade from the original Android 12. You can check out all Android 12 and Android 12.1 release notes here. While Android 12L is a separate branch of Android 12 designed for large screens such as tablets and foldable. In this blog post, Google explains all the details of Android 12L and how it works.

According to the official Lineage OS 19 Changelog, the latest update is based on Android 12.1 (android-12.1.0_r4) and comes with all features and accessories including Material You – a new wallpaper-based engine.

With Material You, you’ll be able to completely personalize your phone with a custom color palette and redesigned widgets. With a feature called call color extraction, the system will automatically determine which accent colors to apply across the entire OS: based on the wallpaper you have applied. This includes the notification shade, the lock screen, the volume controls, new widgets, and much more.

Lineage OS 19.1 Features and Changelog

  • Security patches from March 2021 to April 2022 have been merged to LineageOS 16.0 through 19.19 builds are currently based on the android-12.1.0_r4 tag, which is the Pixel 6 series tag.
  • WebView has been updated to Chromium 100.0.4896.58.
  • We have completely redone the volume panel introduced in Android 12 and instead made it a side pop-out expanding panel.
  • Our fork of the AOSP Gallery app has seen a large number of fixes and improvements.
  • Our Updater app has seen a large number of bug fixes and improvements.
  • Our web browser, Jelly has seen a number of bug fixes and improvements!
  • We have contributed a number of changes and improvements back upstream to the FOSS Etar calendar app we integrated some time back!
  • We have contributed a number of changes and improvements back upstream to the Seedvault backup app.
  • Our Recorder app has seen numerous bug fixes, improvements, and features added.
  • Android TV builds now ship with an ad-free Android TV launcher, unlike Google’s ad-enabled launcher.
  • Android TV builds now ship with a key-handler that enables us to support custom keys on a wide array of Bluetooth and IR remotes.
  • Our adb_root service is no longer tied to the build-type property.
  • Our extract utilities now support extracting from most types of factory images/packed OTA images, simplifying device-bring up and blob-extraction greatly.
  • Support for a high-touch polling rate has been added to our SDK, allowing it to be enabled on supported devices.
  • The AOSP Clang toolchain is now the default toolchain we use to compile our kernels.
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Camera has been dropped, and devices that used it previously will now use Camera2.
  • The dark mode is now enabled by default.
  • We have an entirely new Setup Wizard, with all new Android 12-styled icons, animations, and tons of new configurable pages!
  • We have a brand new set of icons for almost all apps, even system ones!
  • (18.1 too) We have a whole new default wallpaper, and a full set of wallpapers to choose from, check them out! These wallpapers are designed with Android 12’s Monet theming features in mind, so go try them out and see what accent color you like best!
  • (18.1 too) Wi-Fi display is available for all devices which choose to opt-in, via either the Qualcomm proprietary interface or the newly restored legacy Miracast interface!
  • (18.1 too) We now support custom charging sounds for different types of charging, cabled or wireless.

Download Lineage OS 19.1 for your Android device

Lineage OS 19 comes to about 41 Android devices on the first day of release with more to come! So stay tuned and download the latest build below. The devices include all Google Pixel 2 (XL), 3 (XL), 4 (XL), 5 (XL), 4a, and 5a. As for the non-Pixel devices Lineage OS 19.1 is now available for OnePlus 6, 6T, Moto G6, G7, Razer Phone 2, Xiaomi Poco F1, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia 10, and more.




















Download Lineage Recovery or TWRP recovery

It is recommended to download and install Lineage Recovery, found right next to the Lineage OS 19.1 ROM. Alternatively, you can also flash the popular custom TWRP Recovery with Android 12 support from below. Download the TWRP from below and flash Lineage OS 19.1 using it.

Gapps for Lineage OS 19.1 (Android 12.1)

Gapps or Google Apps are very important if you like to have Play Services and Play Store to download Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Search, etc. Either flash the Gapps zip or install the Google Apps Installer APK.

Latest Magisk v24.3 to Root Lineage OS 19.1 (Android 12.1 Root)

If you want to root Lineage OS 19.1 ROM, the best way is to install Magisk. Magisk 24+ comes in an APK format. Once you boot into Lineage OS, install Magisk APK and follow the instructions.

How to Install Lineage OS 19.1 on any Android device?

Warning: We won’t be responsible for any damage or bricked devices.

  • Make sure you have rooted and setup TWRP recovery on you Android device. (see above)
  • Download compatible LineageOS 19 ROM zip, Lineage Recovery img, and latest Magisk APK from above.
  • Transfer files into phone storage.
  • Reboot your device into Recovery Mode.
  • To do so, turn off your phone, press and hold volume down + power or (volume up+ bixby + power buttons)
  • Take a full Nandroid backup.
  • Go to WIPE menu and press ADVANCED WIPE.
  • Select partitions system, vendor, data, cache, dalvik and SWIPE TO WIPE.
  • Go back to TWRP menu and press INSTALL.
  • You may want to first flash the Lineage Recovery image. (available right next to Lineage OS ROM file)
  • Reboot into Lineage Recovery.
  • If you see a ‘NO OS INSTALLED’ warning, go back WITHOUT REBOOTING and FLASH THE ROM AGAIN.
  • Then REBOOT and enjoy LINEAGE OS 19 ROM!
  • You can then flash the Gapps and Magisk.


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