How to Install Custom Recovery on any Android phones


Custom recoveries are created by developers to replace the existing recovery menu on any Android device, these recoveries offer some features that are not supported by stock recovery images. In short, a custom recovery can do more than a normal recovery of your phone, which is done by flashing files or zip files.

Which custom recovery is best for Android phones?

Currently, there are many custom recoveries including TWRP – Team One Recovery Project, OFRP – Orange Fox Recovery Project, SHRP – Skyhawk Recovery Project, PBRP – Pitch Black Recovery Project, and RWRP – Red Wolf Recovery Project.

TWRP is an open source custom recovery that is the best. TWRP supports almost all smartphones. Other mentioned custom recovery is based on TWRP recovery which has more features, so you should probably choose TWRP.

Pre-requisites for installing a Custom Recovery.

  • Android device. (Obviously!)
  • Unlocked Bootloader. (Unlocking OEM (bootloader) will void the warranty of your device and delete all data from your device. Don’t proceed without having the backup of your important files, images, settings, etc.)
  • To unlock Bootloader > Open Settings > Developers option > find ‘OEM unlocking’

Following are the download link for every custom recovery

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