How to Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones [Android 12] [2022]

Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones – ColorOS 12 brings the latest features of Android 12 to Oppo and Realme devices. Realme is a sub-brand of Oppo and uses both ColorOS and Realme UI in its phones. ColorOS 12 added a lot of new features and changed the look of Oppo phones with its new design and skin. It is currently being introduced on various Oppo phones, you can check if your phone is on the list of accessories. This was one of the most awaited updates for Oppo users and they are excited about the new ColorOS 12 update.

If you are an Oppo phone user and would like to have ColorOS 12 installed on your device, follow this tutorial. In this article, I will share step by step tutorial on how to install ColorOS 12 on Oppo phones. For Realme phones, you can check out this tutorial we have written for Realme devices.

Guide to Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones

We’ve tried to make this guide so simple so you can easily understand and install ColorOS 12 in Oppo phones without any issues. But before we get into it, you must have a look at these pre-requisites.

Pre-requisites to install ColorOS 12 in Oppo

  • More than 50% Battery: Before we begin to download and install ColorOS 12 in Oppo, you must check your phone battery. You should charge your phone to more than 50%.
  • Good Internet Connectivity: To download the ColorOS 12 update in Oppo, you must have a good internet connection. You can either use Wi-Fi or Mobile data to download the update file.
  • Patience: It takes a lot of time to download and install ColorOS 12 in Oppo phones. The time can depend on the type of device you’re using so wait patiently.

Now, you know the pre-requisites, so we are good to go…

How to Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones

To Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Apply for Early access: To get the latest version of ColorOS 12, you need to apply for the early access program through the Software Update section/channel. Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and then open Trial Version section. After that, you need to click Apply Now and submit the questionaire to signup for Early access program.Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo
  2. Wait for Update Notification: After you applied for the Early Access program, you need to wait for the update notification. Once you submit the application, Oppo will analyze your request and send you the early access update of ColorOS 12.
  3. Follow the Pre-requisites: After applying for Early Access Program and receieving the update notification, you should follow the pre-requisites to install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones.
  4. Download ColorOS 12 Update: After you receive the Update Notification, you need to download the ColorOS 12 update which can take from 5 to 10 minutes depending upon the internet speed. After download is complete, you’ll be notified by System.Install ColorOS 12 in Oppo Phones
  5. Install ColorOS 12 on Oppo: After downloading the ColorOS 12 update, Oppo phone will send you a notification and ask you to either install the update or schedule the update for some specific time. You need to choose among these options to install the update on your phone. After you choose to install, it will take between 5 to 20 minutes to install ColorOS 12 in Oppo phone and reboot. After complete installation, your Oppo phone will boot up with all new features and design change bought to you by Oppo.

Note: It is recommended to take a complete backup of your phone before you install any kind of update to your device. It can save you from data loss and other issues during the update of your phone.

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