How To Hide Magisk Manager App: Hide Root From Apps


Hide problem and reasons for Magsus Manager app.

Magisk Manager is a great thing for rooted users, right? But some apps like banking apps, gaming apps, and apps that involve money transactions don’t work when Magisk Manager is installed.

You may want to hide Magisk Manager because banking apps are not working. So there is a solution to this problem. Follow along to learn how to hide the Magisk Manager app from Android.

After hiding the Magsus Manager app, tracking the route through the app will not give you any more warnings.

I have also created an article on how to hide root from banking apps.

If your banking app rooted device is not working or if you want to hide the root in Android then you can ignore the root detection in Android with the help of this article. You may find this article relevant.

Hide Magisk Manager App: Hide Magisk Root in Android – Magisk Hide Detected.

To Hide Magisk Manager App in Android, Follow the steps below carefully.

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager App.

open magisk manager

Step 2: Inside Magisk Manager App, Tap the Settings icon on the top right corner.

click magisk settings

Step 3: Inside Settings of Magisk Manager, Scroll down a little until you see ‘Hide the Magisk App’ in the Apps section.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Hide the Magisk App’.

tap on hide magisk

Step 5: After that, it will ask you to enter a desired name for the Magisk Manager App, and it will show you the Magisk App with the name that you input.

give it a name

By default, it takes the name ‘Settings’. You can also give it another name as you desire. But if you don’t want to change then you can go with the default name.

Step 6: After inputting the name for Magisk Manager App, Tap on ‘OK’.

tap ok after giving name

Step 7: As soon as you tap on ‘OK’, it will change the name, and Magisk Manager App will ask you to add a Shortcut to Homescreen for the new name. Tap on ‘OK’ to add Magisk App to Homescreen.

tap ok to add to home screen

Now you have finally Hide Magisk Manager App in Android. But in case you want to restore to previous settings of the Magisk Manager App, follow the steps below.

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