How to get Dynamic Island Feature on Android Phone

How to get Dynamic Island Feature on Android Phone

So as we did an article on how to get Dynamic Island on MIUI devices with a theme, now there’s a better way to do it using an app. It is compatible with all Android devices not only MIUI and it is not a theme. The app takes a few small steps to set it up to run, and setting it up afterward is pretty easy.

The app is called Dynamic Spot, and it’s free on the Play Store and has a Pro version built in to unlock more features. But there’s not much need for pro if you don’t want to customize it and want to run something.

Setup the app

Open the app, and tap next. Choose the apps you want the app to work with for e.g the notifications or music players. In our case, we are choosing all apps. You can choose all apps or only a few, it’s based on your preference.

Then allow the notification access for the app so it will show you the notifications in dynamic island whenever there are any. But, this does not stop the system heads-up. So, disable that in settings as well.

Then last but not least, allow the app to draw over the screen so it can show you the dynamic island on top of any other app. And with that, you’re done!


When you’re playing something like music, the app will show a small overlay on top of your screen like so.

The app also supports phones without a punch-hole, such as phones with notches. You can adjust its dimensions in settings. As you can see in the picture above, the phone has a notch so we put it in the right below the status bar.

You can hold on to the dynamic island to expand it to see more details, as you can see above.

The same case also applies to notifications. You can hold the dynamic island to expand them as well.


The app has many settings inside as well, all for you to adjust however you like. You can use the behavior section to change how the dynamic island works, use the position section to change its position for a phone with a notch as an example like how we did above, and more!

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