How to disable Cortana on Windows 11 (Easy Guide)

How to disable Cortana on Windows 11 (Easy Guide)

How to disable Cortana on Windows 11 (Easy Guide)

Cortana is a virtual assistant that is integrated into the Windows operating system, including Windows 11. While Cortana can be useful for completing tasks and finding information, some users may prefer to disable it if they do not use it frequently.

Here’s how you can disable Cortana on Windows 11:

  1. Open Windows Search: To disable Cortana, you need to access the Windows Search settings. Consequently, click on the Windows Search bar in the bottom left corner of the screen to do this.
  2. Click on the Settings icon: In the Windows Search bar, click on the Settings icon (gear icon) in the bottom left corner.
  3. Scroll down to the Cortana section: In the Windows Search settings, scroll down to the Cortana section.
  4. Toggle off the switch for Cortana: In the Cortana section, toggle off the switch for Cortana. This will turn off Cortana and prevent it from running in the background.
  5. Confirm the action: You may have to confirm the action to turn off Cortana. So, click on the “Confirm” button to disable Cortana.

After disabling Cortana, you will no longer see the virtual assistant in the Windows Search bar or receive any reminders or suggestions from it. However, you can still use the Windows Search bar to find files, settings, and other information on your computer.


In conclusion, disabling Cortana on Windows 11 is a simple process that can be done by accessing the Windows Search settings and toggling off the switch for Cortana. This can be useful if you do not use Cortana frequently and want to improve your device’s performance and battery life.

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