Here’s How to Extract Boot Image from OnePlus Firmware [boot.img]

Do you want a OnePlus boot.img document for a selected mission like patching boot photograph for a root or convalescing a useless phone? You can extract boot photographs from OnePlus Firmware or Stock ROM. Here you may understand an in-depth manual to extract boot.img from OnePlus Firmware.

Many OEMs like Xiaomi, Google, Samsung permit customers to immediately extract any documents from their Firmware the usage of 7-zip or WinZip. But on the subject of OnePlus Firmware, matters change. You can partly extract OnePlus firmware, however there are a few documents like boot.img which you can’t extract with equipment like 7-zip or WinRAR. It doesn’t suggest you can’t extract boot.img from OnePlus ROM. All you want is an opportunity technique that you may understand here.

First, let’s undergo a few primary questions accompanied through the smooth technique to extract the boot.img document from a OnePlus Firmware.

What is the Boot.img file?

A boot image file is an image file that is responsible for booting the device. The boot.img contains many critical resources such as Kernel, Ramdisk, and more. As it is used to boot the OS, so if your device is stuck in the bootloop or not booting at all then it could be the issue in the boot.img.

When is the need to extract boot.img?

Boot Image is required generally for developers when they are building source code or modifying the source code. Non-developers may also need the boot.img in many cases such as in the case of rooting an Android phone using a patched boot image. Boot.img is also required if you want to fix bootloop problems.

Every smartphone brand has a different firmware format and so does the boot.img location on a firmware can vary. And this is the reason you need to follow a different procedure to extract boot.img from OnePlus ROM. Now if you want to extract the boot image or any system image from OnePlus firmware, then you can follow the below instructions.

How to Extract Boot.img from OnePlus Firmware

This method will work for all the OnePlus phones firmware: OnePlus 9 Firmware, OnePlus 8 firmware, OnePlus Nord firmware, OnePlus 7 firmware, and other available OnePlus phones.

Here in this method, we are going to use the payload dumper which is a popular tool for extracting OnePlus firmware for boot image. This is also quite easy and does not require advanced skills. As we are talking about requirements, you need to collect the required files for this method.


  • Download payload dumper zip file (Link, Thanks to djsubterrain)
  • Download OnePlus Firmware you want to extract for boot image (from OnePlus or Oxygen Updater app)
  • Windows PC

Note: If you want to install the boot image or patched boot image, then make sure to download the firmware version that is installed on your device. Installing a boot file from a different version can cause some critical issues if you are not aware of all these processes.

Steps to extract boot.img

  1. Copy the payload dumper to a location where you can easily access it. And extract the zip file. You need to use the extracted payload dumper folder every time you want to extract a OnePlus boot image from firmware.
  2. Extract OnePlus firmware using 7-zip or its alternative.
  3. Look for the payload.bin file in the extracted OnePlus firmware folder.
  4. Copy the payload.bin file to payload_input folder (available in extracted payload dumper folder).
    How to Extract Boot Image from OnePlus Firmware
  5. Now run the payload_dumper.exe to extract boot.img.
    How to Extract Boot Image from OnePlus Firmware
  6. It will take some time so wait for the process, it will automatically close after extracting (it can take even more than 5 minutes).
    How to Extract Boot Image from OnePlus Firmware
  7. Once the extraction is completed, the output will be saved in the payload_output folder available next to payload_input folder.
    How to Extract Boot Image from OnePlus Firmware
  8. Open the payload_output folder and you can copy the boot.img.

So this is how you can easily extract the boot.img without using any big tools. It is one of the easiest methods that work great. The advantage of this method is you don’t have to install Python for running the mentioned Payload Dumper. So, if you are executing any task that requires boot.img then I hope you do find this article helpful. And if you did, then let us know in the comment section.

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