Google releases Android 12L Beta 1 for Pixel Phones


Android 12L is specifically designed for devices with a variety of form factors, including foldable tablets and Chromebooks. So if you have a large display device, Android 12L will make things easier. Android 12L follows the same material design as Android 12, but with additional features for larger displays, such as better multitasking, compatibility of apps for larger screens, optimized system UI, and more.

With the December 2021 Pixel feature drop, Google has released the Android 12L beta for Pixel phones. You can find out all the features of Pixel Feature Drop here. Android 12L Beta 1 comes with new features and changes that Google mentioned in the developer preview announcement. The list of features includes two-column layouts for easy interaction, drag for split mode, and drop, etc.

Android 12L Beta 1 is available for select Pixel phones. The Pixel 3a and the new Pixels are eligible for the Android 12L beta. And if you have a qualified phone and you want to test an improved OS, you can get beta on your phone.

In October, Google announced that Android 12L would also be available for beta pixel devices. And if you do not want to get Android 12L beta, then Google also suggested to opt-out for Android 12 beta. This means that if you have signed up for Android 12 Beta and have not opted out, you will receive Android 12L Beta on your Pixel phone. And those who want to sign up for Android 12L can sign up for Beta at any time.

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