Finally, Xiaomi introduces MIUI 13 with new features and improvements

Let’s first quickly go through the features of MIUI 13.

MiSans Font: MIUI 13 comes with a new font called MiSans font. Although MIUI supports a ton of different fonts through MIUI themes, the addition of the default system font is great. If you like to try different fonts, you will get to experience a new font that is optimized symmetrical. The font is free to download for personal and commercial use.

MiSans Font

Xiaomi Environment: Since Xiaomi already entered a bunch of IOT markets, the environment for Xiaomi users will be better with MIUI 13. All the Xiaomi devices connected to one Network will cooperate fluently. And so it will reduce many tasks and save time.

Improved Privacy: This is one of the main fields to target by any OEMs as it improves the users’ trust in brands. And this is why Privacy is getting better with every update be it Android or a custom UI update. MIUI 13 brings three-step verification classified as facial recognition, watermark reading, and electronic fraud detection.three step verification

MIUI 13 Pad: Mi Pad series is popular in some markets. And following the footsteps of Apple, Xiaomi has introduced a specific version of MIUI called MIUI 13 Pad which is exclusive to the Mi Pad series. It is designed for tablets and big-screen phones. For now, the OEM has only mentioned its availability for the Mi Pad series and so we can’t say if it will be available on different form factor devices like Mi Mix Fold.

New Widgets Support: After the release of Android 12, Widgets on Android phones are now getting better even if they are running on a custom skin. MIUI 13 has also brought some new widgets like Super Countdown Day, Water Measuring Cup and we can expect more widgets.

As usual, the rollout of the new custom skin MIUI 13 will take time. Luckily Xiaomi has shared the timeline and list of eligible phones for the first batch. The first batch of MIUI 13 includes Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12X, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, and Mi 11. And for the MIUI 13 Pad, Mi Pad 5 Pro, Mi Pad 5 are in the first batch.

The first batch of devices will start receiving MIUI 13 and MIUI 13 Pad towards the end of January 2022. And before that, we can expect beta rollout, so if you are interested in beta testing make sure to keep eye on the MIUI 13 news.

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