Download SuperiorOS 12L Android 12.1 for Redmi Note 7


Superior OS is an AOSP based custom ROM with many features that meet the demands of today’s users.” This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions are important to us and will be considered.”

Information of SuperiorOS 12L Android 12.1

Android Version : 12.1

Status : Stable

Updated: 15.08.22

Devices : Redmi Note 7

SuperiorOS 12L, Android 12.1

Device Changelogs:

  • Added edgnss socket directory
  • Added valid and supported channel mask for earpiece
  • Added Stereo config channel support to usb surround sound
  • Added Bluetooth Audio HAL for Hearing aid
  • Added readahead_size_kb=128 to partitions (To avoid memory pressure)
  • Addressed remaining sepolicy denials
  • Cleaned redundant Neural network
  • Cleaned and updated Bluetooth props from sweet
  • Disabled redir_party_num
  • Enabled display force split
  • Enabled settings_tether_all_in_one by default
  • Enabled QCRIL radio power saving Fixed cam interface on vilte calls
  • Readded compress recording configurations
  • Removed redundant QTI logkit directories
  • Removed duplicated triple frame buffer prop
  • Removed FM Tuner from input devices
  • Removed redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
  • Updated list of public libraries from sweet and phoenix
  • Updated audio stack from SWEETEEAGlobal_V13.0.10.0.SKFEUXM
  • Updated audio_io_policy from sweet
  • Updated radio props
  • Updated surfaceflinger props from CAF
  • Updated system_ext properties from CAF
  • Updated audio props from CAF
  • Updated config_ims_rcs_package to use new ImsService
  • Parts
  • Bumped target SDK version to 30
  • Implemented raise to wake gesture
  • Switched to directBootAware
  • Kernel
  • Merged latest CLO tags LA.UM.9.1.r1-12100.01-SMxxx0.QSSI13.0
  • Misc changes & Improvements


By: @Joker_V2_0

  • @dasshubham762
  • @Adi20_01
  • @Idkwhytff
  • @arc_ff5f00 (Sax walls)
  • @D4R1IN9
  • @raghavt20
  • Tnx to all other contributors
  • Support maintainer
  • UPI ID: nipina@fbl


  • Production build
  • Both vanilla and GApps builds are available
  • Dirty flash should be fine (Only over previous build)
  • Pushed OTA
  • You can use TWRP Recovery (By Joker) or SuperiorOS Recovery for encryption
  • Use flame gapps or mind the gapps with vanilla build
  • Stable ANX Camera is included

Download SuperiorOS 12L Android 12.1 for Redmi Note 7

Download : Link

How to install SuperiorOS 12L Android 12.1 for Redmi Note 7

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.