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Android 11: What’s New

The latest Android 11 has a lot of new features, optimizations, and improvements to offer to the masses. Google has mostly focused on three aspects: People, Privacy, and Control. Keeping these in mind, here are all the noteworthy features that you are about to welcome in the latest iteration of Android:

Separate Conversation Section

Your notification area might be among the complicated sections of your device. With tons of alerts from various third-party apps, more often than not you might end up missing the all-important notification. Well, not anymore. The Silicon Valley giants have categorized the Notification region into three different sections: Conversations, Alerting, and Silent.

From now on, all your messages will be placed separately under the Conversations section. Along the same lines, you could now also prioritize these notifications based on the sender. The ones with the higher priority will occupy the higher pecking order.

OneTime Permissions

Among the most useful features to make its way over to Android 11, you could now allow apps to get access to the desired permission just for that session only. On selecting the Only this time option, till the time you are using the app, the latter will be able to make use of the permissions. Once the app has been closed, all the permissions will be revoked. You will then have to re-grant them the next time you launch the app.

Notification History

You may have accidentally swiped away a notification only to realize later that you shouldn’t have done so. Google seems to have taken a note of that as well. With the latest Android 11, there is now an option to access all the app’s notifications from the past 24 hours. Just head over to go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Notification history and you could access your past notifications from quite easily.

Chat Bubbles

This is another pretty nifty feature added to Android 11. Chat bubbles are small chat heads that appear on top of your screen. Just tap on it to expand the messaging screen and start the conversation with the desired recipient, via your desired app. When you are done with the conversation, simply tap on it again and the messaging screen will go back to its default bubble state. To close these bubbles, just drag it downwards to the bottom of the screen and you are good to go.

Screen Recorder

There is now a native screen recorder in the latest Android 11. You could also customize this option and decide whether or not it should record your taps, audio, etc. Furthermore, you could also count it to be more secure than the various third-party apps.

Media Controls

The media player has moved one section above-from the notification shade to the Quick Settings section. Apart from that, it has also added the option to change the audio source right from that section itself. And if you bring the notification panel to the expanded state, you could get a hold of other information like  Album Art, name of the song, and the media player as well.

Smart Device Controls

The Power menu has undergone a major revamp in the latest update to the OS. Apart from the Power Off and Restart options that used to before, there has been a slew of other additions as well. Just beneath the Power menu, you could now add Virtual Cards using Google Pay and make a direct payment via NFC. But has been the talk of the town is the ability to control your smart home appliances right from your device only. From unlocking the front door to turning off the light, all these could be done right from the Power menu itself.

Other Features

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there have been many other small yet useful additions to Android 11. These include the ability to schedule Dark Mode based on the time of the day, pinning your favorite apps to the Share Sheet, the new and revamped Screenshot share menu, and the ability to copy texts right from the Recents Apps overview screen.

These were some of the noteworthy features of the latest Android build. With that said, let’s now turn our attention towards the list of devices that are part of the AOSP Android 11 Custom ROMs family. Likewise, we have also shared the download link for the same. Grab hold of the file and then refer to the instruction set given below.

Prerequisites :

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