SparkOS v13.1

Download SparkOS v13.1 Official | Android 13 For Redmi Note 7/7S

SparkOS v13.1 is a great custom rom based on Android 13 which is usually updated with AOSP via this approach which includes the latest security patches from where they originate. Your priority is to get an advanced experience. We have a beautiful boot animation and a fluid UI that is straightforward to use. We have the internal ROM of our OTA updater app, so you don’t hand it over to us unless you get it somehow. The delivery room is open, so we can all take a look at the whole thing hidden behind the zip document at any time.

Information of SparkOS v13.1

Android Version : 13

Status : stable

Devices: Redmi Note 7/7S

Updated: 15/10/’22

SparkOS v13.1 Official | Android 13 For Redmi Note 7/7S

SparkOS v13.1


  • overlay: Don’t show vendor mismatch message
  • props: Enable zygote critical window property
  • bluetooth: configs: Drop component overrides
  • bluetooth: props: Set BT device name via sysprop
  • Bluetooth: Remove bdroid_buildcfg.h
  • XiaomiParts : Switch to new Xiaomi Parts implementation;
  • ueventd: Set permissions for KGSL sysfs node;
  • libhidl: Move to libhidl shim in hardware/lineage/compat;
  • overlay: Define multiple vibration intensity levels config for T;
  • bluetooth: Move Bluetooth power overlays to sysprops and power_profile;
  • props: Switch to threaded Skia render engine backend;
  • blobs: Prebuilt libtinyxml from miui_lavender_V12.5.3.0.QFGMIXM
  • rootdir: Boost performance during bootup
  • manifest: Drop android hardware.tether offload.config
  • overlay: Update night display configuration
  • fstab: Set readahead_size_kb=128 to partitions
  • rootdir: Stop boot animation service after boot
  • fstab: remove ‘quota’ option
  • init: Enable config_avoidGfxAccel for 3GB Version
  • overlay: Switch to AVC 3.1 for screen recording
  • props: Disable client composition cache


By @bitortheaddicted


  • October Security Patch.
  • SafetyNet Passing by Default.
  • Recommended last beta orangefox release.
  • Neko EAS QTI Old-Cam.
  • Found any bug? Report it with a proper logcat.

Download SparkOS v13.1 Official | Android 13 For Redmi Note 7/7S

Download : Link

How to install SparkOS v13.1 Official | Android 13 on Redmi Note 7/7S

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted flash¬†Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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