riceDroid v7.5 Custom ROM

Download riceDroid v7.5 Custom ROM Android 13 For OnePlus 8T

riceDroid v7.5 Custom ROM OS is an Android-based platform that runs most free and open-source software on smartphones, tablet computers and set-top boxes. riceDroid is a popular custom ROM and is supported by many devices worldwide. They are among the most popular firmware distribution communities that provide performance enhancements and stock Android. Today we guide” Download and Install riceDroid v7.5 Android 13 for OnePlus 8T.

Whereas if you think why do we need a custom ROM if we already have the manufacturer’s OS. However, there is always a specific lifeline support from the manufacturer and the latest Android upgrade rollout is delayed. Many people were excited to experience the latest Android version.
This guide helps you to enhance your android experience with ricedroid. We will share your complete guide with download link. We even mention the installation process requirements and steps.

Information of riceDroid v7.5

Android Version : 13

Status : stable

Devices : riceDroid v7.5

Updated: October 19, 2022

riceDroid v7.5 Official Android 13 For OnePlus 8T


Rice Version: Kalamay - is a sticky and sweet delicacy. It is made of glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar, usually palm or brown sugar. Some kalamay were added with peanuts to enhance its flavor for a more appealing taste.

[] = Original author(s), credits and thanks to
UR = User's Requests
MR = Maintainer's Request 
CP = Cherry-picked changes under ricedroid additions
MD = Co-authored/partly modified/minor code changes
SQUASH = squashed changes

===== Start of Changelog for version 7.5 =====
==== riceDroid Additions ==== 
* Allowed modifying colorschemes
* Android October security patch - Android-13.0.0_r11
* [MD]: Added Custom DNS providers
  - [CP]: Add cloudflare dns provider - [chirayudesai]
  - [CP]: Add Adguard dns provider - [goshawk22]
  - Added OpenDNS, Cleanbrowsing, Quad9 DNS
* Added dark theme support to more UI/UX elements
* Dashboard Styles: 
  - Integrated OOS 13 design to sushi palette theme
* Dropped colorkt monet implementation in favor a aosp monet colorschemes
* Improved About phone section [IacobIonut01]
* Introducing system boost feature
* Lineageparts Buttons:
  - added taskbar switch
* Settings app improvements
  - new banner on about phone settings
  - preference fragments are now not expanded by default (unless user swipes down)
* SushiLauncher
   - implemented google material you color palettes
   - temporarily fixed google calendar and clock themed icons support by using static themed icons

==== Cherry-picked Additions - changes we've cherry-picked from other projects ==== 
* Ability to resize qs and statusbar clock [spkal101|StarKDroid]
* Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON [ezio84]
* Attestation and fingerprint changes 
 - applied fixes to bypass google's key attestations [Dyneteve|dereference23]
 - switched to cheetah fingerprint [Stallix]
 - pixel spoofing changes [neobudy89]
* Collapsing toolbar animation improvements [elluzion]
* Double tap to trigger doze [SKULSHADY]
* Enable AOD on charging only [darkobas|jhonboy121]
* Fixed min refresh rate to 60hz in auto mode [Tejasvp25]
* Follow Dark/light theme settings for safe dialog [Pulkit077]
* Lockscreen animation improvements [kdrag0n]
* Phone ringtone for Multi sim devices [Ting yu]
* Pixel 7 series wallpapers from https://t.me/gn_chat_en/43984 extracted by Kuba [nullbytepl]
* SushiLauncher
 - Added opacity customizations [neobuddy89]
 - Add toggle to use dark status bar on Home screen [paphonb|Ratoriku]
====== Bug fixes =====
* Attempt to fix sushi launcher memory leaks that were causing performance regressions
* Fixed an issue where opening an app causes black screen to some devices
* Updater app: fixed wrong changelog URL and broken ota json 
* Wallpaper and styles: Fixed color picker section overlapping with wallpaper preview when scrolling

Special mention:
Nazar Fadillah Sevtiana - photographer/owner of the modified default wallpaper for v7.5

===== End of Changelog for version 7.5 =====


  • Initial Build
  • Use any recovery which supports adb sideload to flash
  • Based on OOS11

Credits :

  • @Ziauddin_Sameer for the trees
  • @OptimussPriime and @minar_sr_my for helping
  • @crypticrad and @Mehedi322 for testing
  • @Not_ayan99 for the banner

Download riceDroid v7.5 Custom ROM Android 13 For OnePlus 8T

Download : Link

How to install riceDroid v7.5 Custom ROM Android 13 on OnePlus 8T

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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