Download riceDroid v5.0 – Official | Android 12 For Poco F1


Rice version: Fried squid (calamari) is a dish in Mediterranean cuisine. It includes batter-covered squid, fried for much less than mins to save you toughness. It is served plain with salt and lemon at the side.
In this text, we manual to download and set up ricedroid 5.0 Android 12 custom ROM on Poco F1.

Information of riceDroid v5.0

Android Version : 12

Ricedroid Version : 5.0

Devices ; Poco F1

Updated: 21/08/’22

Status : Stable

riceDroid v5.0 – Official | Android 12

Source Changelog

Rice Code: 5.0
Rice Version: Halo Halo - a Filipino dessert made with mixed fruit, boiled sweetened white beans, milk, and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam, crème caramel, and ice cream.

[] = Credits and thanks to
UR = User's Requests
MR = Maintainer's Request 
CP = Cherry-pick changes under ricedroid additions
MD = Co-authored/partly modified/minor code changes
AOSP = Cherry-pick changes from AOSP gerrit/master branch

===== Start of Changelog for version 5.0 =====

==== riceDroid Additions ===== changes we did or modified
* Adapted CAF/CLO revisions to AOSP
* Added back Lockscreen Blur Media Filters [eldainosor]
 - [MD]: Make blur radius configurable
* Dialer Improvements:
- Improved Design based on google's M3 design
- [CP]: Crowdin updates [gwolf2u]
* Fixed statusbar, keyguard and QSB paddings
* Improved Dashboard Styles
- automatically detects if build variant (vanilla/pixel)
- Added AOSP style
- Fixed Arcane Style usercard avatar
* Introducing System Color Palettes
  - extended monet altering themes with two modes: Black theme and Vivid theme [SagarMakhar - blacktheme overlay]
  - notes: quite buggy atm, vivid theme can only be set while on light mode (but works and persists on dark mode)
  - black theme: only for dark mode
  - vivid theme: Improved color palettes [kdrag0n]
* Minor monet chroma improvements
* Minor Volume Panel redesign
* [MD] Resizeable QS Date, QS and Statusbar clock [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [AOSP][CP][MD] runtime improvements and August ASB patches from master branch [neobuddy89|crdroid team|lineageos]
* [MD] Statusbar Clock background chip [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [MD] Statusbar paddings customizations [IDontCare-05|CrisbalGreece]
* SushiLauncher: Spicy Tuna
  - Increased max allowed blur radius
  - [CP] restore blur on configuration changes [ritujb]
  - Fixed recents apps resources tint
  - Applied google M3 color shades
  - Redesign QuickSearchBar [teamfiles - for the pixel launcher mod concept]
* Switched to glassy blur effect for background views, recents etc 
* System Shapes: Improved theming support
* Toggle-able Translucent QS style [Project Fluid|elluzion|Androbuddy]
* Translation support improvements 
 - added turkish translations [Lafactorial]
 - added chinese translations [xingxingchuan|Fldicoahkiin]
 - made more strings translatable ~ if you want it to be merged to the source please send a message to the group with #translation with url of your repo, we will cherrypick it and add it to source for you with authorship intact (our crowdin is limited).

==== Cherry-picked features Additions ==== purely cherry-picked changes we didnt modified
* crDroid August Upstream changes [neobuddy89|gwolf2u|iusmac|shevt]
- Android runtime Improvements and fixes
- Fixed navigation bar theming
- Fixed handwave & proximity pulse conflict
- Crowdin Translations
* Fixed Power menu systemUI restart showing dialog when restarting [ezio84]
* LineageOS August Upstream changes [luk1337|althafvly|bgcngm|sevenrock|chirayudesai|stricted|mikeNg|haggertk]
- August ASB patches
- Lineage dependencies upstream (HALS, blobs, sepolicy more)
_ Lineage translations updates
_ Lineage frameworks patches and improvements
* Show August security patch on settings [jhenrique|PixelExperience] 
* Show ripple on face unlock [xyzuan|xdroid OSS]
* Fix user profile photo picker crash [tmjosten|Evolution X]
* Switch notification background to monet on heads up [DillerOFire|Project Fluid]

Big thanks to pimpmaneaton for these fork changes merged on main branch:
* Big dotted/circle battery indicator [DennySPB]
* ColorController: Fix getting default color [varund7726]
* Lockscreen charging improvements [calebcabob|SagarMakhar]
* Pulse improvements [TikkiX2|ezio84] 
* QuickSettings vibrate/haptic feedback [mydongistiny|amartinz]
* Screenshot shutter sound toggle [maxwen]

Device Changelog:

• Shifted to good old kawaii kernel(4.9.318)
• kernel: gpu uced to 180mhz
• Fix hyper orange night light
• Bring back QTI BT
• Tuned phase offsets again
• Misc changes & stability Improvements
• Bonked blur for now


By @xisan


• User build
• Safetynet passed out of the box
• Shipped with system-ext support(flash system-ext supported kernel only)

Download riceDroid v5.0 – Official | Android 12 For Poco F1

Download : Link

How to install riceDroid v5.0 – Official | Android 12 For Poco F1

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom.
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.