Download riceDroid v2.5 Official | Android 12L For Poco X2/Redmi K30

RiceDroid OS v2.5 for Poco X2 / Redmi K30 is an open supply custom ROM that is not based primarily on Android 12L but more frequently. There is no Bluetooth set in this custom room. The feature of this RiceDroid OS is that it can be hooked up to any low launch device.
This custom room is really free, everyone can arrange it. This room is designed for cell phones and tablets. To set up RiceDroid OS, the phone must have custom recovery like TWRP Recovery and Orange Fox Recovery installed.

Imformation of riceDroid v2.5 Official | Android 12L

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Build : Gapps

Released: 21/06/22

riceDroid v2.5 Official | Android 12L

Source Changelogs

Good day, here are more changelogs for changes done on June ASB update

  • Fixed UI inconsistencies on certain apps like launcher/dialer/contacts
  • Resolved some prebuilt app crashes
  • Made media artwork toggleable
  • Redesigned Dialer app
  • Redesigned Recents apps overview
  • Redesigned Game Space Panel layout over crdroid latest changes (ram/battery views)
  • Added options for lockscreen shortcuts, users can now disable/enable shortcuts
  • Added more Icons to Sim’s icon pack
  • Black theme support for eleven music player
  • Optimized Sushi Launcher paddings based from pixel launcher
  • Introducing QuickSpace for sushi launcher
  • Added more fonts, signal and udfps icons
  • Made QS Data Usage text toggleable
  • Made Per-app volume toggleable
  • Performance and runtime optimizations to ensure smooth runtime and preserved some power consumption

Device Changelogs

  • phoenix: Switch to June 2022 Raven fingerprint
  • phoenix: overlay: Set physical fp location center to 1080
  • phoenix: Remove resource overlays for system bar heights
  • phoenix: Update ims symlink path
  • phoenix: overlay: Configure side fingerprint sensor properties
  • phoenix: overlay: Update config_sfps_sensor_props_0 as per side FPS


By @Sharma_G04

Special Thanks :
• @SreekanthPalakurthi for Trees.
• @RedcliffOP for Kernel.
• @Ravichandran19 & @YoudontknowmeAF for testing.

  • Bootleggers
  • Corvus-AOSP
  • Crdroid
  • Derpfest
  • OctaviOS
  • Project Kaleidescope
  • Project Radiant
  • Simrat39
  • SparkOS
  • And ofc course Everyone who supported this project


• Initial build based on OSS vendor.
• Anx/MiuiCam inbuilt.
• Gapps build.
• Safetynet passed by default.
• Clean flash recommend.

Download riceDroid v2.5 Official | Android 12L For Poco X2/Redmi K30

Download : Link

How to install riceDroid v2.5 Official | Android 12L on Poco X2/Redmi K30

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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