Download riceDroid 5.0 Official_ EoL(Android 12L) For Realme 5 Pro


Ricedroid 5.0 is a highly stable custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro. You can use this custom ROM for daily driver. Ricedroid is an operating system based on lineage/crdroid, which aims to give android the necessary “rising” while remaining fast and stable. In this article, you can download ricedroid 5.0 custom rom for your Realme 5 Pro phone.
Rice may refer to “rice” (food) in the project name itself, but in a sense it’s really a term for “growing” on Linux.

Information of riceDroid 5.0 Official_ EoL

Android Version : 12L

ricedroid Version : 5.0

Status : Stable

Devices : Realme 5 Pro

Released: 31/08/227

riceDroid 5.0 Official_ EoL(Android 12L)


Rice Code: 5.0
Rice Version: Halo Halo - a Filipino dessert made with mixed fruit, boiled sweetened white beans, milk, and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam, crème caramel, and ice cream.

[] = Credits and thanks to
UR = User's Requests
MR = Maintainer's Request 
CP = Cherry-pick changes under ricedroid additions
MD = Co-authored/partly modified/minor code changes
AOSP = Cherry-pick changes from AOSP gerrit/master branch

===== Start of Changelog for version 5.0 =====

==== riceDroid Additions ===== changes we did or modified
* [AOSP][CP][MD] runtime improvements and August ASB patches from master branch [neobuddy89|crdroid team|lineageos]
* Adapted and cherry-picked changes/fixes from android 13
- Android 13 music player and lockscreen notification style
- UI Animations changes (splash, recents, lockscreen zoom etc)
- Fix IME/keyboard overlapping with edittext elements
- Resolved misc memory leaks, runtime breakage etc.  
- Resolved splash animations randomly being cutted off
- Resolved recent apps/overview losing input focus 
* Added back Lockscreen Blur Media Filters [eldainosor]
 - [MD]: Make blur radius configurable
* Adapted CAF/CLO revisions to AOSP
  - CAF/CLO tag patches taken from CAF/CLO based roms [AOSPA]
  - CAF/CLO optimization ports (needs to be tuned/enabled via device tree)
* Dialer Improvements:
- Improved Design based on google's M3 design
- [CP]: Crowdin updates [gwolf2u]
* Fixed animations lags by optimizing blur and renderscript usage
* Fixed statusbar, keyguard and QSB views paddings
* Fixed systemui restart issues (combined signal etc, removed systemui restart prompt, just use the power menu one)
* Improved Dashboard Styles
- automatically detects if build variant (vanilla/pixel)
- Added AOSP style
- Fixed Arcane Style usercard avatar
* Improved Lockscreen notifcation and smartspace paddings
* [MD] Resizeable QS Date, QS and Statusbar clock [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [MD] Statusbar Clock background chip [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* [MD] Statusbar paddings customizations [IDontCare-05|CrisbalGreece]
* QS Weather view position customization
* Redesigned battery and storage progress bars to OOS/RUI design pattern
* Redesigned About phone layout banner [IacobIonut01|DotOS]
* Reverted back to vivid monet shades (sorry black theme users)
* SushiLauncher: Spicy Tuna
  - [CP]Add Weather view from OmniJaws [StarkDroid|Corvus AOSP]
  - [CP] preference for wallpaper scrolling [neobuddy89|crdroid]
  - [CP] restore blur on configuration changes [ritujb]
  - Fine tuned material color shades
  - Fixed google search bar color on light mode
  - Fixed recents apps resources tint
  - Keyguard/lockscreen Android 13 zoom animation toggle
  - Increased max allowed blur radius
  - Introducing extended google smartspace layout [teamfiles - for the pixel launcher mod concept]
  - Redesign QuickSearchBar [teamfiles - for the pixel launcher mod concept]
* Switched to glassy blur effect for background views, recents etc 
* Switched to OOS 12/13 ui sound effects
* System Shapes: Improved theming support
* Toggle-able Translucent QS style [Project Fluid|elluzion|Androbuddy]
* Translation support improvements 
 - updated turkish translations [Lafactorial]
 - updated chinese translations [xingxingchuan|Fldicoahkiin]
 - updated spanish translations [jesusvpct]
 - made more strings translatable ~ if you want it to be merged to the source please send a message to the group with #translation with url of your repo, we will cherrypick it and add it to source for you with authorship intact (our crowdin is limited).
 * Vibrant monet color scheme based from android 13 monet styles
 * Volume panel media output controller toggle
 * Volume panel style improvements

==== Cherry-picked features Additions ==== purely cherry-picked changes we didnt modified
* crDroid August Upstream changes [neobuddy89|gwolf2u|iusmac|shevt|xNombre]
- Crowdin Translations
- Fixed navigation bar theming
- Fixed handwave & proximity pulse conflict
- Fixed qs customizer corner radius
- Rounded corner improvements
* Fixed Power menu systemUI restart showing dialog when restarting [ezio84]
* Fixed user profile photo picker crash [tmjosten|Evolution X]
* Improved vertical QS tile layout and animation [tmjosten|Evolution X]
* Improved Statusbar clock background paddings - [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
- Updated android runtime improvements and fixes as of 08/29/22
* LineageOS August Upstream changes [luk1337|althafvly|bgcngm|sevenrock|chirayudesai|stricted|mikeNg|haggertk|BadDaemon]
- August ASB patches
- Lineage dependencies upstream (HALS, blobs, sepolicy more)
_ Lineage translations updates
_ Lineage frameworks patches and improvements
* Redesign and animate battery and storage usage bars [StarkDroid|Corvus AOSP] 
* Show August security patch on settings [jhenrique09|PixelExperience] 
* Show ripple on face unlock [xyzuan|xdroid OSS]
* Switch notification background to monet on heads up [DillerOFire|Project Fluid]
* Toast icon toggle and improvements [LordClockan|SagarMakhar|BoredOutOfMyGit|jhenrique09|idoybh]
* QuickSettings Weather view - [StarkDroid|Corvus-AOSP]
* Volume panel improvements [Arian16ka]
- Show media output controller if there is an active stream
- Move the MediaOutputDialog above status bar 
* Weather provider from OmniRom - [maxwen]

Big thanks to pimpmaneaton for these fork changes merged on main branch:
* Big dotted/circle battery indicator [DennySPB]
* ColorController: Fix getting default color [varund7726]
* Lockscreen charging improvements [calebcabob|SagarMakhar]
* QuickSettings vibrate/haptic feedback [mydongistiny|amartinz]
* Screenshot shutter sound toggle [maxwen]

Credits :

By : @kssrao13882

@BabluS for base trees
@SJ69SUJIT @wahyuaja123 for testing


  • EoL is only for 12L version
  • User build, Safetynet passes by default
  • Vanilla and pixel (aka gapps) builds
  • Use any recovery (FBE not enabled)
  • Those on older riceDroid Pixel build can update through OTA

Download riceDroid 5.0 Official_ EoL(Android 12L) For Realme 5 Pro

Download : Vanilla | Pixel

How to install riceDroid 5.0 Official_ EoL(Android 12L) on Realme 5 Pro

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash the downloaded Rom.
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.