Download RiceDroid 4.5 Android 12.1 For Redmi 10


Ricedroid 4.5 is a highly stable custom ROM for Redmi 10. You can use this custom ROM for daily driver. Ricedroid is an operating system based on lineage/crdroid, which aims to give android the necessary “rising” while remaining fast and stable. In this article, you can download ricedroid 4.5 custom for your Redmi 10 phone.
Rice may refer to “rice” (food) in the project name itself, but in a sense it’s really a term for “growing” on Linux.

Information of RiceDroid 4.5 Android 12.1

Android Version : 12.1

Status : Stable

Build date: 09/08/2022

Devices : Redmi 10

RiceDroid 4.5 Android 12.1

Device Changelogs:

• Upstream kernel to 4.14.290
• Switch to custom powerhal
• Reduce INTERACTION uclamp value down to 50%
• Use phase offsets as duration
• Fixup vtservice shim
• Actually blacklist fingerprint key events
• Drop DT2W Service
• Add support for event-based DT2W gesture control on powerhal


Maintainer: @Mikazuuu07

• @ceb8khs @SakthivelNadar @ashblk @chcepizze @TheMalachite @Mikazuuu07 @bengris32 For DT
• @XZITEAM for support


Vanilla build only

Known issue/bug:

• Screenrecord use third party app

Download RiceDroid 4.5 Android 12.1 For Redmi 10

Download : Link

How to install RiceDroid 4.5 Android 12.1 For Redmi 10

• Clean Flash Required!
• Take IMEI Backup(don’t complain if you don’t take backup and lose imei)
• wipe Dalvik/Art, Cache, Format Data > yes
• Flash rom in twrp