Download riceDroid 3.5 Android 12L Custom ROM for ZenFone Max Pro M2


riceDroid Android is the world’s leading mobile package. In addition, each is one of the active developer communities. Since Google has made Mechanical Man open source, this means that the ASCII text file of the operating system (OS) itself is available to developers, and anyone can build their own version of Mechanical Man if they know what to do. Have been.

Imformation of riceDroid 3.5 Android 12L

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Released: 07/31/’22

riceDroid 3.5 Android 12L

Source Changelogs:

Rice Version: Goto -  also known as arroz caldo con goto, is a Filipino rice and beef tripe gruel cooked with ginger and garnished with toasted garlic, scallions, black pepper, and chicharon. It is usually served with calamansi, soy sauce, or fish sauce (patis) as condiments, as well as a hard-boiled egg.


• 4.4 Build version !!!
• Encrypted build
• Selinux Enforcing
• VANILLA variant

Credit :

By : @NerdZ3ns

• Thanks to asus-devs-sdm660 for tree, kernel and vendor
• Thanks to @rif_ki and @velkanzie

Download riceDroid 3.5 Android 12L for ZenFone Max Pro M2

Download : Link

Download Latest Gapps Android 12L

Download : Link


Android 12+ has a problem thats causing recoveries to stop working. It gets stuck at recovery loading screen.
Go to root/system/build.prop then add this:
This should prevent recovery from being stuck.
If u can boot to android and not rooted

  1. Eject SD Card
  2. Enable USB Debugging
  3. Connect phone to PC
  4. Open CMD and run this:
    adb devices (make sure device was detected)
    adb shell rm -rf /data/system/storage.xml.
    Then, try to reboot recovery.
    If you can boot to android + if you are rooted
  5. Just eject SD card
  6. Then go to root/data/system
  7. Delete storage.xml file
    If you can’t boot to android
    Format data using fastboot (RIP your files)
    Thank EeetsReyoooJeeeX for the fixes.
    Remember guys, Prevention is better than cure.😉
    Some roms already implemented fixes to this problem by default. In those roms you don’t need to do anything. To be sure ask developer about this issue before flashing.