Download Project Elixir Official – Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1


A custom ROM based on AOSP, which offers a minimal UI enhancement & close to stock pixel Android ROM with great “Performance”, “Security” and “Stability”.

Information of Project Elixir

Android Version : 13

Status : Stable

Devices : Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Custom ROM : Project Elixir

Project Elixir Official – Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Source Changelogs:

• Merged latest September Security patch

• CTS Passes by default and banking apps are working fine

• Essence: Bring back icon shapes, icon packs, fonts Customisation

• SystemUI: Optional haptic feedback on back gesture

• Essence: Add charging info on lockscreen

• BatteryService: add dash, warp, vooc, SuperDart charging support

• AlertSlider: Introduce user interface for Alert Sliders

• Essence: Add network traffic indicator

• Essence: SystemUI: Port brightness slider changes

• base: Add support for window ignore secure

• SystemUI: Improve the QS tile styles

• Essence: Add Transparent QS customization

• AutoBrightness: Add support for one shot auto-brightness

• SystemUI: Updates to various icons

• fw/b: Add capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams

• frameworks: Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes

• Settings: Forward port CM Screen Security settings

• Essence: Alert Slider: Add toggle to disable notifications

• Much More – Try by yourself

Device Changelogs:

- Updated FP to Raven September
- Merged September security patch
- camera: Disable thermal adapter
- camera: Fix fdleak issue
- camera: Use the largest fps range during video record
- camera: Improve ZSL/HDR processing
- audio: Use qcom implementation for sw effects
- audio: reroute speaker dmic to handset mic
- audio: Boost headset volume
- Added props for Performance tuning
- Switched to skiaglthreaded renderthread backend
- Added fingerprint properties from stock
- Don't set dalvik props according to total ram
- Removed max ZRAM compression streams setting
- configs: Add qmi_fw.conf
- overlay: Don't pin launcher app in memory
- overlay: Exempt ImsService from location indicators
- Decrypted by default
- CTS passed by default
- Some misc improvements and fixes

- SELinux Enforcing
- OTA Support added
- GApps are included
- Based on 4.4 kernel, NON-FBE
- Orfox R11.1/BRP/Twrp- recovery is recommended
- Recommended Firmware : 063,087 and higher
- Clean flash is necessary


Maintainer: NotHarshhaa

Download Project Elixir Official – Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Download : Link

How to install Project Elixir Official – Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Note:- (Rom is decrypted)

Clean Flash-

  • Wipe system, vendor, data (Format data only if Encrypted)
  • Flash Recommended Firmware => 063 Firmware | 087 Firmware
  • Flash rom (Flash #Force_Encrypt after Flashing Rom if you want Encryption)
  • Flash Magisk (Optional/If u want root)
  • Reboot

Dirty Flash-

  • Wipe system, vendor
  • Flash Rom (Encrypted Users Flash #Force_Encrypt again for encryption)
  • Wipe cache and dalvik cache
  • Reboot