Download Project Elixir 2.0 Official | Android 12.1 For Redmi 5 Plus


Project Elixir 2.0 is another aftermarket AOSP ROM that basically offers minimal UI enhancements and close to Custom ROM with excellent performance, security and stability. Most OEMs these days will provide slow and untimely updates, but we don’t here. We closely follow Google to bring the latest updates to our users, and even extend support for devices declared obsolete by OEMs. The source code of our ROMs is open source, safe, stable and awesome.

Your experience while using Project Elixir will be seamless without compromising the quality of the Android experience. In short, it’s a perfect balance between great performance, security, stability, minimal UI and great features that include Pixel goodies, so don’t hesitate any longer, join us now and start enjoying the beauty of stock Android. Do download and enjoy Project Elixir on your respective devices!

Information of Project Elixir 2.0

Android Version : 12.1

Project Elixir Version : 2.0

Updated: 23/08/2022

Devices : Redmi 5 Plus

Status : Stable

Project Elixir 2.0 Official | Android 12.1

Changelog Source:

• Merged latest August Security patch

• CTS Passes by default and banking apps are working fine

• Settings: Elixir: Redesign My Device Page

• Settings: Elixir : Redesign our Firmware information

• Settings: Elixir: Adapt our new layout in rest settings

• Essence: Transparent QS customization [Optional]

• Essence: Add toggle to switch Fluid QS panel style [Optional]

• Essence: Add horizon light settings

• GlobalActions: Redesign Power Menu

• SystemUI: Fix QS expand lag when VoLTE/VoWiFi icons are enabled

• VolumePanel: Show percentage

• Package installer: show current and new version on apk installation

• ven/aosp: Import More Fonts Overlay

• ven/aosp: Themes: Add lots of signal icons

• ven/aosp: Themes: Add W33d icon styles

• Essence: Fix crash with media art

• Much More – Try by yourself

Changelog Device:

  • August Security Patch
  • Add vendorsetup script
  • Reorder blobs
  • Add a script to reorder blobs list
  • Update Project-Elixir flags and props
  • Use Fingerprint from source
  • Ship Teamfiles Pixel Launcher
  • Enable IORAP feature
  • Switch to SkiaGL Threaded
  • Remove vendor RenderScript implementation
  • Compile HWUI for better performance
  • Switch to QTI health implementation
  • Remove neverallows
  • Allow every app to read camera props
  • Enable config_avoidGfxAccel for 3GB variants
  • Rework dalvik
  • Update Dalvik heap configuration
  • Adapt new libinit changes
  • Drop no longer necessary libbase include dir
  • Restart QCRILD on airplane mode
  • Restart QCRILD on data switch
  • Restart QCRILD on decryption
  • Disable Chimera.GmsIntentOperationService
  • Apply aggressive write caching
  • Add offline charging LED indicator
  • Allocate 512MB for zram writeback backend
  • Fix zram init process
  • Disable ULL mode
  • Don’t advertise vorbis offloading support
  • Tweak gps.conf a bit more
  • Switch GPS xtra servers to xtrapath{4, 5, 6}
  • gps Update GPS config for S
  • Remove ssl GPS xtra servers
  • New configs for better stability & accuracy
  • Fix typo in thermal configs
  • Enable running_without_sync_framework
  • Re-enable in call music
  • Don’t manually set call vol steps
  • Disable hwc vds in surface flinger
  • Drop force triple frame buffers
  • Replace deprecated sf props
  • Remove USB extra config prop
  • Set up USB Properties
  • Set the maximum WFD resolution to 1080p@30
  • Add overlays for battery health nodes
  • Offload WM shell to another thread
  • Fix deprecated power profile items
  • Allow to be rotated in all 4 rotations
  • Speed up animations
  • Set default window animation/transition scales
  • Revert “Nuke libinit [WIP]”
  • Revert “Checkout audio configs from
  • Revert “Switch to userspace LMKD”
  • Upstream kernel to 4.9.325


By @PrajjuS


• Enforcing & GApps build.
• MD5 file:
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Download Project Elixir 2.0 Official | Android 12.1 For Redmi 5 Plus

Download : Direct | Mirror

How to install Project Elixir 2.0 Official | Android 12.1 on Redmi 5 Plus

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy