Download OrangeFox Recovery 12.1 | Android 12/13 For Redmi Note 10 Pro


Android is one of the biggest platforms that allows developers to showcase their skills. Not only official developers, but anyone who wants to learn development or porting can try their hand. And what can be better than Custom ROMs and Recoveries that are in trend. OrangeFox Recovery is an example of the success and popularity of custom recovery and custom development. Here you can download Orange Fox Recovery for Android.

TWRP recovery is another example of custom recovery, and most of you already know about it. And Orange Fox is a good alternative to TWRP that comes from a different team. Both TWRP and OrangeFox are excellent custom recoveries. There are some devices for which you can’t get TWRP, then you can use OrangeFox or vice versa.

The Orange Fox project has been running for years and offers stable and good performance. There is no doubt that it comes with all the features that we need for custom recoveries. Below, you can see the list of currently popular features of OrangeFox.

Information of OrangeFox Recovery 12.1

Android Version : 12/13

Status : Stable

Devices : Redmi Note 10 Pro

OrangeFox Recovery 12.1 | Android 12/13


• Supports Android 13 decryption
• Updated Magisk to v25.2
• Upstreamed with the latest OrangeFox sources


By @Aryannn999 && @Vantom

• Nebrassy, DarthJabba9, and the rest of the TWRP/OrangeFox team
• Vantom for the kernel
• Steve for the F2FS compression fix
• Pranav for the Android 13 fix
• Adarsh for the e🅱️ic photoshop skills


I recently got to know that the version number of OrangeFox is still R11.1, only the branch was changed to fox_12.1 which is why the previous build was released under the wrong R12.1 versioning. To avoid confusion from the previous build and the fact that this is for Android 12 and up only, I’m still keeping the version as 12.1 for now

Download OrangeFox Recovery 12.1 | Android 12/13 For Redmi Note 10 Pro

Download : Link

How to install OrangeFox Recovery 12.1 | Android 12/13 on Redmi Note 10 Pro

If you know the TWRP installation process, it is the same for OrangeFox. But make sure to check all the steps before applying it.

  1. Copy the OrangeFox zip file to your phone and PC.
  2. Extract the zip file on your PC and copy the recovery.img to adb’s directory (C:/adb folder or Platform Tools folder).
  3. Boot your phone into Fastboot Mode or Bootloader Mode.
  4. Connect your Phone to PC using a USB cable.
  5. Go to C:/adb or Platform Tools folder. And enter CMD in the file location and hit enter.
  6. It will open the Command Prompt in the adb’s directory. Make sure recovery.img is in the same folder from where you open CMD.
  7. Now flash the OrangeFox recovery with the following command.
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  8. After flashing the image, press and hold Volume Up + Power button together. Release buttons when you see the OrangeFox logo. (Make sure to check the shortcut buttons for your phone to boot into Recovery).
  9. Once the phone is booted into OrangeFox recovery, check that everything is working – eg, that it has mounted the data partition successfully, and that the touchscreen works.
  10. Click on Install and locate the OrangeFox recovery zip file and swipe the slider to flash it.
  11. After flashing, the phone will again boot into Orange Fox recovery.
  12. That’s it, you can enjoy the custom recovery.

If you have already installed the OrangeFox and want to update it. Then you can directly flash the latest Zip file from the recovery.

Now you can use all the features of Orange Fox recovery. Let us know which is the best feature in the recovery.

So that’s all in the guide to download Orange fox recovery with installation guide. And in case if you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.