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OnePlus Camera review

Android takes over smartphone and becomes the number one operating system. Many vendors and manufacturers emerge with their Android-based smartphone. One of them is OnePlus. To compete in this market, the devices have to be powerful, useful, and in high quality. One of improvement is camera app called OnePlus Camera for Android.

What do you get from this app? As it mentioned above, camera app will increase capability and photo result. Those things are the main objectives when you install it on smartphone. Well, this app has some features to help users getting the utmost photo. It has pro mode to enhance camera setting to reach the professional level. The latest device is already in top camera specs. You can enhance it in order to capture more realistic and vivid pictures. Another feature is panorama to capture wide-angle photo.

Besides camera, this app also provides video recording. You can see video icon next to the camera. Tap this icon and the camera will switch from photo to video mode. Several adjustments are available to increase video into pro mode. Moreover, user may take slow motion video from this app. All of features help users to get ultimate result at all.

Besides all benefits aspects, you have to know few liabilities from this app. It is only good for one manufacturer, though it still has possibility for other. As long as the devices have the same specs and compatibility, this app can be installed on different device. The future version is estimated to suit Android Oreo.


  • It has simple user interface.
  • It consumes less storage memory.
  • The features are much better than the basic app.


  • There is compatibility issue with different smartphone.

How to Use the App

It is simple app to enhance camera capability. After you tap for this app, the camera mode will show automatically. You just need to tap circle button to capture photo. It is straightforward process, but few features help to improve photo. You may use time-lapse to control the time when capturing picture frame by frame. Another feature is panorama to capture wide-angle photo from camera. Besides photo, the app provides video recording as well. You can switch from photo to video mode easily then record after tapping the circle shape at middle of screen. Slow motion feature helps to create slow motion effect during recording. All of them are the way you use this app.


  • Fixed the crash issue while opening the App
  • Fixed the black screen issue

How to install

  • Download the apk file from the link below.
  • Install like normal apk.
  • Enjoy.


OnePlus Camera 3.8.90 apk : Download

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