Download Nameless-AOSP | Android 12.1 for OnePlus 8/Oneplus 8 Pro


The Nameless AOSP is based on an Android open source project inspired by the Google Pixel. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a select set of amazing features that provide an exceptional user experience.

Imformation of Nameless-AOSP | Android 12.1

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Updates : 23/07/2022

Devices : OnePlus 8/8 Pro


Source Changelog
• Added Screen-off-fod
• Added Nothing font
• Fixed double status bar clock when ticker in on
• Fixed weird status bar icon when colored icon is on
• Fixed QS tint for dotted and full circle battery style
• Fixed DingTalk login / sign

Device Changelog
• Initial build with OOS 12 firmware based
• OnePlus Camera & Gallery from OOS 12 have been fully ported 🙂
• Optimized charging removed for now. Will add back next build.


• Read instruction before you flash
• Inbuilt OnePlus Camera & Gallery and Dolby Atmos
• Selinux Enforcing
• Verizon supported


Maintainer: Chris Chen


• Brightness control gesture
• Colored icons
• 4G icon
• Oxygen volte/vowifi icon
• Old style mobile data icons
• Show data disable icon
• Combined signal icons
• Roaming indicator
• Statusbar icons
• Clock and Date customisation
• Carrier label customisation
• Network Speed indicator

• Notification count
• Statusbar Ticker
• reTicker
• Hide slient notifications in status bar
• Allow notification snoozing
• Notification dot on app icon
• Enhanced notifications
• Toast app icon
• Head up
• Kill app button
• In-call vibrate customisation
• Blink flashlight for incoming call

Quick settings
• Battery estimates
• Secure QS tiles
• QS brigntness slider
• QS tiles layout
• QS footer items

• One shot auto-brigntness
• Resetting auto brightness adjustment
• Night light
• Colors modes
• Floating auto-rotate button 
• Min/Max refresh rate
• Wake up on charge
• Full screen apps

Lock screen
• Fod icon colors
• Media art
• Ambient edge lightning customisation
• Always show time and info
• Wake screen for notification
• Always on display schedule
• Wake up from fod

• Battery icon
• Sleep mode
• Optimized charging for OnePlus device
• Battery Health indication

• Link ring & notifications volumes
• Increase ring volume
• Ringtone vibration pattern
• Notification sound if active
• Pixel sounds
• Force to show media controller
• Per-app volume control
• Haptic feedback customisations
• Volume steps
• Adaptive playback

• Face & fingerprint unlock
• App lock
• Ignore window secure flags

• Monet settings
• Fonts
• Icon pack
• Icon shape
• Signal icon style
• Wifi icon style

• Preferred network qs tile (4g/5g switch)

Launcher switcher
• Pixel launcher (default)
• Nameless launcher (optional)
• Lawnchair launcher (optional)

System navigation
• Immersive gesture bar
• IME button space
• Back gesture animation

• Face unlock
• QS tiles
• Settings Switch
• System slider
• Back gestures 
• Fingerprint
• System wide haptic (OnePlus Devices)

• Bluetooth timeout
• WIFI timeout
• Private DNS (Cloudflars DNS, AdGuard DNS)
• Allow clients to use VPNs

• Stock Pixel GApps
• App downgrade
• Unlimited Google photos storage
• Game mode
• Call recording for supported regional only

System update
• Nameless updater
• Support OTA & Local update

Download Nameless-AOSP | Android 12.1 for OnePlus 8/Oneplus 8 Pro

Download : OnePlus 8 : Oneplus 8 Pro

Support: Group | Instruction

We have upgraded firmware to OOS 12, so there are some changes with flash procedures.
If you are on old nameless build / any other custom roms with OOS 11 based:
Use MSM tool to go back to OOS 11 (Better back up your persist.img)
Update to latest OOS 12 in System Updater
Unlock your bootloader
Download rom zip, extract payload.bin, then use payload_dumper to extract imgs from payload.bin
Reboot your phone to fastboot mode
Open any terminal like powershell etc, enter directory where your imgs are located, then enter following commands:
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash –disable-verity –disable-verification vbmeta vbmeta.img
fastboot flash –disable-verity –disable-verification vbmeta_system vbmeta_system.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Reboot your phone to recovery mode, click “Install update” -> “ADB Sideload”
Back to your terminal and enter directory where your rom zip is located, then enter following command:
adb sideload xxx (xxx means the filename of rom zip you downloaded)
Wait until it reaches 47% progress, click back arrow in recovery, then click “Factory reset” -> “Format data/factory reset” -> “Format data”
Click back arrow in recovery, then click “Reboot to system”
If you are on Color OS 12:
Download latest OOS 12 and local update it
Follow above steps start from “Unlock your bootloader”
If you are on OOS 12:
Follow above steps start from “Unlock your bootloader”
If you are on OOS / HOS 11:
Follow above steps start from “Update to latest OOS 12 in System Updater”