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Magisk is currently the most popular routing method for all Android devices. It recently received a major update and changes to the core functionality and how it works. Magisk version 25.0 now features Zygisk, which is primarily used to inject zygotes to allow modules to run their codes on apps or system servers. In the same way that Rero does. Yesterday, developer John Woo updated Magisk to 25.0 with some important bugfixes and code improvements Versions 25.0 and 25. after Magisk 25 include several stability improvements and bug fixes for buffer overflow, multi-user superuser settings, command logging, improved Zygisk loading mechanism, and more.

What Is Magisk App?

First there were different files for Magisk where you had to download the .zip file and then you also had to download the app which was a time consuming process.

What Is The Use Of The Magisk App?

If you want to allow / deny any request, this can be done easily with the help of Magisk app. There are a ton of free modules available on the Magisk app, from which you can download apps and games to your Android device. And the plus point is, you can add your own or custom stocks to get things done.

Caution: Before performing this procedure, make sure that you have a full backup of your Android device.

Before Getting Started:

  • It’s important for you to learn the basic commands of ADB and fastboot.
  • You need to make sure your device bootloader is unlocked.
  • If you’re using boot.img mods then you need to flash your custom ROM again to use your stock boot.img.
  • Install custom kernel after installing Magisk on your phone.

Magisk Changelog v25.0

  • [MagiskInit] Update 2SI implementation, significantly increase device compatibility (e.g. Sony Xperia devices)
  • [MagiskInit] Introduce new sepolicy injection mechanism
  • [MagiskInit] Support Oculus Go
  • [MagiskInit] Support Android 13 GKIs (Pixel 6)
  • [MagiskBoot] Fix vbmeta extraction implementation
  • [App] Fix stub app on older Android versions
  • [App] [MagiskSU] Properly support apps using sharedUserId
  • [MagiskSU] Fix a possible crash in magiskd
  • [MagiskSU] Prune unused UIDs as soon as system_server restarts to prevent UID reuse attacks
  • [MagiskSU] Verify and enforce the installed Magisk app’s certificate to match the distributor’s signature
  • [MagiskSU] [Zygisk] Proper package management and detection
  • [Zygisk] Fix function hooking on devices running Android 12 with old kernels
  • [Zygisk] Fix Zygisk’s self code unloading implementation
  • [DenyList] Fix DenyList on shared UID apps
  • [BusyBox] Add workaround for devices running old kernels

How To Install/Root Your Device

  • Download the Magisk manager apk file from the link below.
  • Install the downloaded apk file.
  • Now download the Magisk Manager zip file from the link below.
  • Patch using Magisk App or reboot your device into installed custom recovery.
  • Go to install flash downloaded Magisk zip file.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

Download Magisk 25.0

Here we have listed the latest Magisk APK. To retrieve the zip file, simply name it The following are direct download links from the project’s GitHub repository.

Download : Link

If you have any questions you can leave comments in the comment box.

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