Download Kaleidoscope Android 12.1 Best Custom ROM of 2022


This update adds many features, improves the UI, updates the latest security patches and fixes some known issues to make the system more stable and multi-functional.


• Added network traffic indicator
• Added charging animation
• Added fast charger support
• Added fingerprint unlock support on AOD
• Added legacy VPN types support
• Added light theme for quick settings
• Added light theme for power menu
• Added signature scheme v1 support for modern applications
• Optimized the display of status bar and navigation bar
• Optimized the experience of desktop and quickstep
• Optimized the fluency of system
• Optimized the rounded corners of split screen
• Optimized the UI of system applications
• Optimized the UI of quick settings
• Fixed the issue of crash when switching split screen from background
• Fixed known general issues
• Updated Android security patch to 2022.07
• Updated misc changes
• Improved system stability
• Improved time display in twelve-hour format

Battery Health
• Newly added Battery Health feature, let you know more about your battery reminder life
• Supported Maximum Capacity and Charge Cycles, allowing you to measure how long the battery has been in use

• Added OPlus Sans 2.0 as the default font, explore the beauty of technology with words
• We are excited that OPPO has licensed OPlus Sans 2.0 to us to share the beautiful look and feel of OPlus Sans 2.0 with users around the world
• OPlus Sans 2.0 fonts is copyrighted by Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. and is licensed to KaleidoscopeOS for use as is, free and in a legitimate form
• Added Roboto as the fallback font

• Newly added Kaleidoscope camera, bringing a better photo experience
• Newly added barcode scanner feature
• Newly added preview grid feature
• Added desktop shortcuts

• Added a new wallpaper to the Raindrop wallpaper gallery
• Added strict standby policy
• Added background tasks freezer
• Added WebView implementation selection

• Newly added phone call recording
• Added China Boardnet APN support
• Added support for Apple AirPods battery level
• Allowed sending any file via Bluetooth

Download Kaleidoscope Best Custom ROM of 2022

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