Download GrapheneOS Offical | Android 13 for Pixel 6 (series) 2022082100


GrapheneOS uses automatic over-the-air updates, but full update packages are listed below for unusual use cases, such as never connecting the device to the Internet. A full update package can upgrade from any previous version to a new version. Over-the-year updates use Delta update packages when available. They are not currently linked below, but may be in the future once they are used more consistently. The update packages are not intended for initial installation, and you should ignore the incorrect guides that you try to use to install the OS.

Information of GrapheneOS

Android Version : 13

Status : Stable

Updated: 21/8/2022

Devices : Pixel 6 (series)

Download GrapheneOS Offical | Android 13 for Pixel 6 (series) 2022082100

▪️Oriole [1.3GB]
▪️Raven [1.3GB]
▪️Bluejay [1.3GB]
▪️Web Installer

How to install GrapheneOS Offical | Android 13 on Pixel 6 (series)

  • Unlock the bootloader. After clicking on the button on the browser, go to your phone to confirm the command. You can use the volume keys to switch the selection and the power button to confirm.
  • Download GrapheneOS factory images. This will obtain the files from the GrapheneOS repository and temporarily store them on your machine.
  • Flash GrapheneOS. The installation will wipe all existing data and install a fresh GrapheneOS ROM.
  • Lock the bootloader. This may sound strange to you if you’re used to installing alternative Android ROMs, but locking the bootloader is necessary to enable full verified boot. It also prevents using fastboot to modify or erase partitions for extra security. Just like the unlocking process, you’ll have to confirm the prompt to re-lock the bootloader from your phone.

GrapheneOS: next steps

That’s it. After re-locking the bootloader, just restart and your phone will automatically boot into a shiny new installation of GrapheneOS. A couple of post-installation tips:

  • You should now disable OEM unlocking (unless you’re a developer). This will increase your device security further.
  • You can verify your GrapheneOS installation using the team’s Auditor app. GrapheneOS has a separate, dedicated guide for that, and you can find it here.
  • GrapheneOS comes with no Google apps installed. If you feel like you need them to use other apps that rely on Google Play Services, installation is simple. Open the “Apps” app (pre-installed in GrapheneOS) and tap install next to “Google Play Services”, “Google Services Framework,” and “Google Play Store.”

And in case you need to remove GrapheneOS and cross again to inventory OS, all you need to do is do away with the non-stock key the use of the button at the lowest of the GrapheneOS set up manual, after which use Google’s internet flashing tool.