Download Google Camera 8.1 for All Devices

Google is well known for its Pixel series of devices, especially for their cameras. They do some great software optimization with their Google Camera app, which makes the images look much better. But as it is Google’s proprietary app, other phones can’t use it. However, thanks to the third-party developers as we have different ports for non-pixel phones as well. So this is a guide to download the latest Google Camera 8.1 for all devices. 

Why use Google Camera?

Now, a lot of users might be wondering why to use Google Camera when we already have the Stock camera app provided by the manufacturer. The answer to this question is to enhance the pictures. Most of the smartphone manufacturers, especially in the budget segment put a lot of effort in tweaking the hardware and bringing changes to it. But, Google focuses less on the hardware and bring better software optimizations. So we see significant improvements in images taken with Stock vs the Google Camera app. Not only this, but users can also load custom config files to further improve the quality as well. 

Download Google Camera for All Devices

To download Google Camera, we have created a Google Drive and a Mega Folder. So users can download the APK file from any one of the sources.

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Talking more about the Google Camera 8.1 port now. This port is based on Google Camera 8.1.008 and it offers a lot of new features like UI changes and the Storage Saver feature. All the changelog that is provided by the developer is mentioned below:

  • Added all the fixes necessary for the first start
  • Colour Transform to fix saturation added on devices with dull colours 
  • Option to disable tracking focus added 
  • Added an option to disable motion photos 
  • OPModes to fix EIS added
  • Added buttons in the drop-down menu to enable/disable AWB
  • Disabled Sabre on unsupported sensors
  • Added an option to choose between Pixel 2, Pixel 3, IMX586, and IMX686 AWB
  • Improved colors on Mi Note 10
  • Option to disable Synthetic Fill Flash added as well
  • Added an option to disable auto night sight on portrait and photo

Note: Google Camera 8.1 mod should work on most Pixel and non-Pixel devices. However, it may not work on some Samsung and OnePlus phones, along with a few Snapdragon 845-powered devices from other manufacturers.

Install Google Camera on All devices:

To install Google Camera on all the devices, users need to follow these steps-

  1. Download the Google Camera APK file from either Mega or Google Drive.
  2. Next, Browse the File that you just downloaded.
  3. Click on the File and hit install to install the app.

However, if you’re installing an APK file for the first time, then you’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources“. That can be done by going to the Pop-Up that comes up and turning the Toggle ON.

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