Download Google Camera 7.4 on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Exynos Variant)

Google makes one of the best smartphones, they recently launched the Google Pixel 4A in India, and for the price, it offers the best cameras. Even with a single lens, the phone beats every other phone in the market. Now, this happens because of the optimization that Google makes with its camera app. 

Pixel Camera Software

Other phone manufacturers don’t always focus on the software rather they bring hardware changes like adding higher megapixel sensors or adding more lenses. 

So how do you get the level of optimization in your current phone, so that’s where Google Camera Mods come in. A lot of developers make these mods for a specific phone but not all phones are covered in this way. So in this small article, we are going to give you a small guide on how you can install Google Camera 7.4 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Exynos Variant). 

Although Galaxy Note 20 has some pretty good cameras, the optimization made by Samsung is not that good, so installing a Google Camera Mod will be a much better choice. 

Install Google Camera Mod for the Galaxy Note 20

If a phone comes with a Snapdragon Chip then it is pretty easy to find a GCam Mod for it, but as we’re covering the Note 20 with an Exynos chip, it is not as easy to find a GCam Mod for it. But Thanks to the developer Zoran. You can easily download Google Camera on a phone that comes with an Exynos chip. 

It is fairly an easy process as you just need to download the Google Camera 7.4 by Zoran APK and install it as you do with any other app file. 

The Download Link is listed below- Google Camera 7.4 by Zoran Download Link

Supported Devices-

This Mod also supports other devices which are listed below-

  • Galaxy Note 20 series
  • Galaxy S20 series
  • Galaxy Note 10 series
  • Galaxy S10 series
  • Galaxy S9 series
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S8 series
  • Galaxy Note 8

Google Camera 7.4 Features-

  • Automatic DND mode while using video-recording.
  • Quick-Toggle for Video resolution changes
  • Re-arranged settings UI.
  • 24FPS video recording.
  • 4K@60fps Video recording
  • Exposure controls to adjust the brightness and HDR of your photo.
  • Received Frequent Faces to help you capture Top Shot photos.
  • Touch and Hold shortcut in the shutter button to capture Top Shot photos.

We hope you successfully installed Google Camera 7.4 on Galaxy Note 20.

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