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» osm0sis (for the shell scripting template)
» Arya (for logo and his suggestions and help)
» Vanced Team (for YouTube Vanced)
» maartenfonville, nezorflame for creating and maintaining opengapps
» Lawnchair Team (for Lawnchair)
» HootanParsa (for MixPlorer)
» xXx (for his NoLimits module – Amazing work!)

What is NikGapps?

  • NikGapps project started with the goal to provide custom gapps packages that suits everyone’s needs. A package that a user needs but cannot find and ends up setting up the device installing more apps and removing unwanted apps manually.
  • NikGapps is a gapps package built from my own device. As my device is always updated with latest version of Google Apps, every time I build a new package, I am on latest and stable version of Google Apps
  • NikGapps also comes with Android Go package for low end devices.
  • NikGapps is a bit different than other Gapps packages (written from scratch, it isn’t a port of OpenGapps). It focuses on providing apps that most of the people uses but can’t find it in other Gapps packages and ends up installing the apps manually
  • NikGapps doesn’t have stock YouTube, instead it has YouTube vanced (v14 with separate addons for v15). It doesn’t have Pixel Launcher, instead it has Lawnchair launcher (Till Android Q, discontinued starting Android R)
  • NikGapps supports split-apks
  • NikGapps also comes with nikgapps .config and debloater.config which allows you to control your installation and debloat unnecessary stuff from your Rom respectively.
  • NikGapps is built on a different architecture, the installation method is completely different (Every Package comes with that installs itself). Also, it installs the gapps to /product partition instead of /system partition
  • NikGapps also allows you to configure the installation, it can be installed to any partition (be it /system or /product or any other partition which may get added in future)
  • NikGapps also allows you to keep the aosp counterpart of google app if you want (just by using nikgapps.config you can choose whether to remove the aosp counterpart or remove it)
  • NikGapps allows you to dirty flash it anytime you want, it also supports installing on top of Roms with Gapps (except for the pixel flavored Roms)
  • NikGapps also comes with addon packages (useful ones) so that users don’t have to flash the whole gapps package just to have the app installed.
  • Unlike few other gapps packages, NikGapps doesn’t disable the Privileged Permission Whitelisting property, providing the necessary permissions to the privileged apps.
  • It supports addon.d so you need not flash the package again and again after every nightly flash
  • NikGapps addon.d functionality is built from scratch which allows you to completely control which app you want to backup/restore on dirty flash.
  • It also allows optimizing Google Play Services (when you turn off Find My Device) so that you can sleep with peace without having to worry about Google play services eating your battery. (Requires support from Rom too in order to work).

NikGapps comes with following packages

» Core
» Basic
» Omni
» Macro
» Stock
» Full
» Go (for low end devices)

Although these packages cover a large user base, there are few users who like things differently that is where NikGapps Addons Comes into picture. These Addon packages are separate and meant to flash over NikGapps original packages.

Everything about NikGapps

Flashing Instructions for A/B devices (Clean Flash is recommended)

  • Flash Rom in Slot A, Flash twrp, reboot to recovery
  • Flash Rom in Slot B, Flash twrp, reboot to recovery
  • Flash Magisk (Optional)
  • Flash NikGapps
  • Flash Debloater (Optional)
  • Reboot

Flashing Instructions for A-only devices (Clean Flash is recommended)

  • Flash Rom
  • Flash Magisk (Optional)
  • Flash NikGapps
  • Flash Debloater (Optional)
  • Reboot

Note: The thread will only be updated if enough users find it useful.

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