Download EvolutionX Official | Android 13 For Mi A1 (Tissot)

EvolutionX is a small project based on AOSP, and we intend to improve AOSP to provide a stable and better alternative to OEM ROMs with additional features. We included only the right and most used things that will actually be useful at the end of the day, aiming to provide smooth performance with better battery life. Today we guide “Download and Install EvolutionX with Android 13 for Mi A1 (Tissot).

Whereas if you think why do we need a custom ROM if we already have the manufacturer’s OS. However, there is always a specific lifeline support from the manufacturer and the latest Android upgrade rollout is delayed. Many people were excited to experience the latest Android version.

Information of EvolutionX

Android Version : 13

Custom ROM : EvolutionX

Status : stable

Devices : Mi A1 (Tissot)

Build Date: 2022/10/20

Evolution X Official | Android 13 For Mi A1 (Tissot)


- If your device bootloops, revert to an older build that boots, backup your stuff and do a clean flash.
- Dirty flash from Android 12.1 to Android 13 at your own risk.
- Dirty flash from older A13 builds is fine.
- We're not responsible for any issues that this may cause.

Device changes:
Add AOSP RCS packages
Add Bluetooth power overlays to sysprops
Migrate to AIDL ClearKey DRM HAL
Move to common Xiaomi light AIDL
Switch to GCamGOPrebuilt-V2
Update CarrierConfig from munch V13.0.4.0.SLMMIXM
overlay: Enable haptic text cursor
sepolicy: Address hal_fingerprint denial
sepolicy: Allow system_app to access vmallocinfo
sepolicy: Allow system_app to access zram sysfs nodes
sepolicy: Allow system_app to read /proc/pagetypeinfo
sepolicy: Label goodix debug prop
ROM changes:
AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 secs
AODTile: Add back config check for aod available
AODTile: add option to enable AOD on charging only
AODTile: cycle through AOD states
Add ABS_MT_SLOT config to virtual touch screen
Add check for empty TTS engine name
Add interface for battery stats reset
Add missing INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission
Add support to manually pause/resume downloads
AlertSlider: Add resources for refresh rate modes
AlertSlider: Allow UI to work with multiple resolutions
Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes
Allow devices to configure the blanking delay on displays
Always show APN settings on CDMA carriers
AutoFillUI: Don't show a "null" toast
AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default
Avoid Settings app NPE on broken packages
BackupAgent: Add backup shared mode
BatteryMeterView: Fix NPE that occurs when onDensityOrFontScaleChanged() is called
BluetoothControllerImpl: fetch battery level from any device
BluetoothControllerImpl: synchronize mConnectedDevices access
Bring in SettingsGoogle/SystemUIGoogle from PE
Calm down attention service logspam
CastTile: Fix availability of Cast Quick Setting Tile
Catch IllegalArgumentException for invalid phone id
ColorStateList: Switch to ZCAM for lightness modulation
ColorUtils: Fix out-of-gamut Oklab blending
DeviceIdleJobsController: don't ignore whitelisted system apps
Disable FP lockouts
Disable bluetooth by default
Do not preload ThreadLocalRandom class
Don't build CaptivePortalLoginGoogle/CaptivePortalLoginOverlay
Enable Volume Long Press Skip Tracks by default
EvoEgg: Update Launcher icon and use monet colors
EvolutionUtils: Add support for changing dpi
Evolver: Add Power menu animations
Evolver: Add extended monet themes
Evolver: Add separate tunable for QS clock
Evolver: Add toggle for media projection indicator
Evolver: Allow Power/reboot menu transparency
Evolver: Allow changing system themes
Evolver: Allow to swap volume buttons rotation based
Evolver: AppLockSettingsPC: use DashboardFragment as the type for host
Evolver: Bring back App lock feature
Evolver: Bring back CPU info overlay toggle
Evolver: Bring back Haptic Feedback to QS tiles toggle
Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp blocklist/stoplist
Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp snooze and timeout options
Evolver: Bring back Hidden apps feature
Evolver: Bring back Navbar visibility toggle
Evolver: Bring back OOS style notification clear all button feature
Evolver: Bring back On-The-Go Mode power menu entry
Evolver: Bring back Pulse
Evolver: Bring back QS battery estimates
Evolver: Bring back QS footer icon visibilities
Evolver: Bring back Toast icon toggle
Evolver: Bring back Wi-Fi standard icon feature
Evolver: Bring back animations to quick settings tiles
Evolver: Bring back bluetooth battery level status bar icon
Evolver: Bring back colored status bar icons
Evolver: Bring back interpolators to qs tiles animation
Evolver: Bring back navbar styles
Evolver: Bring back privacy indicators toggles
Evolver: Bring back status bar lyric feature
Evolver: Bring back toggle to disable wireless charging animation
Evolver: Changelog: Rework with Activity
Evolver: Fix Battery bar default values
Evolver: QuickSettings: Allow changing vibration duration
Evolver: Remove QS battery options
Evolver: Remove faulty privacy indicator implementation
Evolver: Replace QS data usage with customizable footer text
Evolver: Spoof props for status bar lyric
Evolver: Volume dialog timeout
Evolver: applock: early return in setChecked if backing field has the same value
Fix Dark Theme "TURN ON UNTIL SUNRISE" not retained after reboot
Fix MtpDatabase multithreading NullPointerException
Fix NPE with void android.view.VelocityTracker.clear()
Fix SystemUI build for kotlin 1.7.0
Fix action bar font family on material themes
Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
Fix colors on DocumentsUI
Fix crash occurred due to null pointer exception
Fix incorrect context classloader initialization in system_server
Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile
Fix unqualified-std-cast-call compiler warning
Fixes crash/race condition when destroyActivity
HeadsUp: Change heads up timeout to seconds
IllustrationPreference: Hide illustration when we fail to play anim
Improve PendingIntent security check compatibility
InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
InsetsStateController/LayoutInflater/LocalServices/SystemServiceRegistry/ThemedResourceCache: Replace ArrayMap with HashMap for performance
InternetDialog: Launch mobile network settings on long press
Keep recent tasks for more time in memory
KernelCpuUidActiveTimeReader: Do not spam log with negative active time
KeyguardIndication: Fix glitchy charging info on lock screen
LayoutInflater: remove less frequently used apps
Make Build.TYPE and Build.FINGERPRINT consistent for apps
Merge October 2022 security patches
Merge Pixel 7/7 Pro October 2022 security patches (android-13.0.0_r11)
MotionEvent: Add backwards compatible initialize() function
NavigationBarEdgePanel: Make the gesture duration always valid
NfcA: Fix an NPE in constructor
Nuke backuptool support
PackageInfo: Optimize ApplicationInfo creation
PackageInstaller: Remove side padding from the dialog
PackageManager: Add configuration to specify vendor platform signatures
ParcelFileDescriptor: Stop the panic
PixelPropsUtils: Fix issue with text select and copy
PixelPropsUtils: Refactor once again
PixelPropsUtils: Replace Gboard with Google One
PixelPropsUtils: Spoof cheetah for Adaptive VPN
PixelPropsUtils: Spoof device as Pixel for Wallpapers app
PixelPropsUtils: Switch from raven fp to cheetah
PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to October 2022 release
PixelPropsUtils: Update pixel devices list
PixelPropsUtils: bring back all changes from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
PixelPropsUtils: fixup! spoofing properties for samsung apps
Power menu: change the flashlight drawable
ProcessList: Silence lmkd retries logspam
QCOM: Use legacy-um ipacm for all legacy UM platforms
QCOM: msm8953: Use legacy-um ipacm
QS: Add CPUInfo toggle tile
QS: Add On-The-Go Tile
QS: Add and use Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
QS: Add and use Mobile Data panel
QS: Use Mobile Data panel for CellularTile
QSPanel: Fix NPE in updateViewPositions()
QSTileHost: Add reloadAllTiles method
QSTileHost: Don't recreate tiles when LiveDisplay gets initialized
QuickStatusBarHeader: Link date in QS status bar with clock
Reland "Don't enable jdwp by default on userdebug builds""
Remove wtf if no display nits mapping exists
SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
Save user preferred resolution into persistent data store
SecuritySettings: properly remove security status header
ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
Settings: Add AdGuard DNS as a private DNS Provider
Settings: Add Cloudflare DNS as a private DNS provider
Settings: Add Game Space preference in Apps category
Settings: Add Security Hub from Pixel devices
Settings: Add a preference to battery optimization page
Settings: Add back DataUsageSlice
Settings: Add charging vibration settings
Settings: Add clang version to firmware_version
Settings: Add missing animations for gestures and features
Settings: Add missing summary for Display size and text
Settings: Add optional Build status info
Settings: Add sim status listener in about phone
Settings: Add summary to daily battery usage charge toggle
Settings: Add toggle to switch between AOSP/Google battery graphs
Settings: Adjust playback control gesture preferences
Settings: Allow Configuring Navbar Radius
Settings: Allow choosing volume key music control activation delay
Settings: Allow toggling floating rotation button
Settings: BiometricFragment: respect background authentication request in source prompt info
Settings: Bring back Battery charge warning
Settings: Bring back IME space feature
Settings: Bring back LTE Only Mode
Settings: Bring back gesture height option
Settings: Bring back optional Battery Health section
Settings: Call CardDatabaseHelper.getInstance() when used and not in onCreate
Settings: Change dpi on changing screen resolution
Settings: Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
Settings: Convert one-handed mode to a PrimarySwitchPreference
Settings: Create new preview for dark theme
Settings: Default to GlifV3Theme
Settings: Disable "SIM card lock" when the SIM card is PUK-blocked
Settings: Don't hardcode playback control delay unit
Settings: Enable smart charging reset battery stats toggle
Settings: Fix ExtraText lint errors
Settings: Fix NullPointerException when renaming a fingerprint
Settings: Fix SIM name in Network Details to show the selected SIM
Settings: Fix bluetooth pan memory leakage
Settings: Fix data usage display on mobile panel
Settings: Fix disabled sub showing as Active in Settings > Mobile network
Settings: Follow system theme for SD card activities
Settings: Hide Build maintainer info if not set
Settings: Implement cutout force full screen
Settings: Improve force fullscreen settings fragment
Settings: Kang duplicate baseband fix from CAF
Settings: Make some random summaries translatable
Settings: Move proguard flags for the Evolver
Settings: Optional haptic feedback on back gesture
Settings: PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
Settings: Randomize The Evolver's summary
Settings: Remove the Automatic ota check option but be sure it's disabled
Settings: ScreenResolutionFragment: Restart SystemUI on res change
Settings: Set Build date to be unselectable
Settings: Show more APK details on App info screen
Settings: SoftAp: add Hidden SSID preference
Settings: SoftAp: add client manager
Settings: SoftAp: add support for setting shutdown timeout
Settings: Swap intro with toggle for Adaptive Playback settings
Settings: Use a separate icon for the Notification category
Settings: Use monet colors for Evolution X Unbound Logo
Settings: Use proper string for designed maximum battery capacity
Settings: Use separate primary switch title for Playback control
Settings: actually fix font for PanelUI
Settings: add TextView for summary into SeekBarDialogPreference
Settings: add option to enable AOD on charging only
Settings: applock: fix unlock prompt disappearing when trying to open apps
Settings: relocate app lock preference to advanced security settings
Settings: remove preference if availableColorModes is empty
Settings: remove security status group if empty
Settings: support black theme for dark mode
Settings: use a new task stack for app lock fragments
SettingsGoogle: Sync with Evolution X changes
StatusBarIconController: Guard yet another function from cast exception
Switch to AttestationHooks for spoofing GMS/Play store
SystemUI: AOD Tile: Register battery observer in main thread
SystemUI: Add hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
SystemUI: Add missing init for isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
SystemUI: Allow limiting AOD & ambient display refresh rate
SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for Global settings
SystemUI: Animate cutout padding for QS clock
SystemUI: Avoid altering page indicator layout when hiding qs footer icons
SystemUI: BatteryMeterView: Set white tint in darkmode
SystemUI: Bring back ic_qs_bluetooth_connected.xml
SystemUI: Calculate paged QS tiles height properly
SystemUI: CastTile: Open cast settings on long click
SystemUI: Clean up and fix status bar logo feature
SystemUI: CustomTile: add a null check before loadDrawable invocation in default icon
SystemUI: Enable smart replies for apps that target APIs lower than 28
SystemUI: FPSInfoService: extend LifecycleService and fix overlay not being visible in secondary user
SystemUI: FPSInfoService: get status bar insets ignoring visibility
SystemUI: Fix QS customizer corner radius
SystemUI: Fix QS header animation in RTL mode
SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
SystemUI: Fix crash in cast tile for non-carrier wifi
SystemUI: Fix issue that log can't be enabled in MobileSignalController
SystemUI: Fix pulseOut fails before fully pulsing
SystemUI: Get rid of unnecessary broadcast for IMS
SystemUI: Grant INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL permission for smartspace
SystemUI: HACK: Fix random wakeup when just sleeping
SystemUI: Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
SystemUI: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
SystemUI: More rounded corners
SystemUI: Name Cellular Tile based on carrier
SystemUI: Only apply tuning changes when the fragment is attached
SystemUI: Open WifiPanel on LongClick
SystemUI: Properly apply dark theming to clock
SystemUI: QuickStatusBarHeader: use proper shade for secondary color of circle battery icon
SystemUI: Re-inflate keyguard status bar on theme change
SystemUI: Reduce scrim color animation duration to 375 ms
SystemUI: Remove spacer in QS footer
SystemUI: Set Quick QS pulldown to off by default
SystemUI: Set heap tracking default also with a property like all the other flags
SystemUI: Show battery level for all devices
SystemUI: Speed up actions expansion animation
SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
SystemUI: Use ImsStateCallback instead of FeatureConnector
SystemUI: Use max Display.Mode in AuthController as well
SystemUI: cleanup fps info tile and service
SystemUI: fix MediaProjection cast crash
SystemUI: only block call strength sb icon
SystemUI: rewrite FPSInfoService in kt from scratch and bind service with tile
SystemUI: screenrecord: Add an option to use HEVC
SystemUI: screenrecord: Use sdcard icon for file size limit toggle
SystemUIGoogle: Use Google home icon on home controls lockscreen if app is installed
Telecomm: Use double vibration on call hang-up
ThemeOverlayController: Remove repeated monet check
ThemedIcons: Update
Update Gapps to Sep 2022 sec patch versions
Updater: Allow starting activities from background
Updater: Don't show thousands of days
Updater: No need to install every update
Updater: Open Local changelog instead of URL
Updater: Replace jcenter with mavenCentral
Updater: Use monet colors
Updater: We don't do upgrades
Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
WallpaperColors: Use CIELAB for light/dark wallpaper detection
WallpaperService: Fix half black wallpaper after rotating quickly
apns: Clean up Austrian carriers
appop: Save discrete app op history for more permissions
audio_amplifier: Add hook for amplifier calibration
base: Add Multi usb controller for Asus devices
base: AudioService: bail out if ringer mode is not recognized
base: Disable LiveDisplay display mode by default
base: Disable LiveDisplay low power consumption by default
base: Force fullscreen for Google Dialer
base: Remove aosp's 'show battery percentage' setting
base: Suppress telephony crashing platform
base: Update ic_doc_folder drawable to MD2
base: fix pm cache directory invalidate on new builds
base: get the most of the media artwork colors
base: make per-app work with multi audio focus
base: merge hidden app feature with applock
base: remove useless pm cache hack
base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
bring back all changes from Build.FINGERPRINT to Build.TIME
build: execute changelog generator script
config: Allow gms to access persistent data partition
config: Disable StrictMode in non-eng builds
core: Blacklist P21+ experience system feature from Photos spoof
core: Fix menu popup ripple
core: Fix null pointer Issue
core: Fix toast background color not changing with theme
core: Pixel experience Blacklist For Google Photos for Android 13
core: ProcessState: prevent an NPE from crashing system server
development: Address NPE when removing preferences out of developer options
device_config: Checkout to sc-qpr3 branch of ProtonAOSP
exec spawning: don't close the binder connection when the app crashes
fix error com.google.android.gms.persistent
fixup! Disable/Enable screenshot sound
fixup! Settings: add option to enable AOD on charging only
fixup! Show user's Google avatar on the homepage
fixup! SystemUI: Enable NFC quick settings tile
fixup! SystemUI: Fix shutter sound
fixup! base: Lockscreen Charging
fixup! base: volume key music control
fixup! frameworks: Add support for clock auto-hiding
frameworks: Add device controls shortcut to power menu
gms: Add RECORD_AUDIO permission to googlequicksearchbox
gms: Update gapps
graphics: Add ZCAM implementation with sRGB interface
graphics: Blend ARGB colors using Oklab
kernel: Allow passing empty DTB to mkbootimg via board-flag
keylayout: Add config for 8bitdo pro 2
overlay: SystemUI: force dark theme on global actions dialog
pre-grant POST_NOTIFICATIONS to more system apps
pre-grant POST_NOTIFICATIONS to the clock app
privapp-permissions: Grant missing TelephonyProvider perm
rro_overlays: Convert AOSP NetworkStack overlay to an RRO package
rro_overlays: Remove SystemUIGoogleOverlay
sepolicy: Allow recovery to read sysfs_perdev_minors
sepolicy: Allow webview_zygote to read /dev/ion
sepolicy: Grant necessary ioctls to recovery for external sd
services: ActiveServices: drop uid check when notifying newly registered callbacks
services: AppLockConfig: fix a derp in hidePackage()
services: applock: allow background authentication
services: applock: fix data migration and change secure notification parameter name
soong: generator: Replace android.SourceDepTag usage with IsSourceDepTagWithOutputTag
telephony: Ignore PLMN bit when SPN is required
themes: fonts: Add Cool Jazz
tools: Copy Changelog.txt to /system/etc
vendor: Update audio from TP1A.220624.021
vendor: Update setupwizard props from TP1A.220624.021
vendor: common: Exclude ntfs-3g from artifact path requirement
vendor: overlay: SettingsLib: Override headline font family
vendor: overlay: Sync with TP1A.221005.002
vendor: rro_overlays: Configure face unlock acquire ignorelist
version: Uprev to 7.2
view: add null check for dispatch touch view
wm: Passing a new ArraySet instance to avoid crash


By @Stallix

Download EvolutionX Official | Android 13 For Mi A1 (Tissot)

Download : Link

How to install EvolutionX Official | Android 13 on Mi A1 (Tissot)

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted flash¬†Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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