Download Evolution-X v6.3.1 – official | Android 12L For Redmi Note 9S/Pro/Pro Max

Evolution-X v6.3.1 is an AOSP primarily based totally mostly on Android 12L. Work became commenced with the purpose of maintaining matters simple, easy and clean. At the stop of the day, we have got introduced handiest the maximum suitable and extensively used system at the manner to a particular usefulness, with the intention of presenting clean general overall performance with excessive battery life. Today we manual you to down load and set up Evolution-X v6.3.1 for Redmi Note 9S / Pro / Pro Max.

Evolution-X v6.3.1 subsequently extends assist for some new devices, along with the Redmi Note 9S / Pro / Pro Max. Today we are able to will let you with this entire guide to download and deployation Evolution X 6.3.1 for Redmi Note 9S / Pro / Pro Max with Android 12L.

This guide lets in you to experience your Android with Evolution-X v6.3.1 We will evaluate your complete guide with the download link. We even define the necessities and steps for the setup process.

Imformation of Evolution-X v6.3.1| Android 12L

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable


Imformation of Evolution-X v6.3.1| Android 12L


This build uses AOSP apex and disable Google Play system updates.

Credits :

By @ahmed_tohamy


  • import renderscript drivers from crosshatch
  • Enable usage of dex2oat64 * Use
  • prop: Enable hal buffer management
  • Disable VSync for CPU rendered apps
  • Enable Power HAL interaction boost
  • Change the weight of blkio background group
  • apply runtime blkio settings
  • audio: Increase In-call earpiece volume
  • overlay: Add config_wallpaperMaxScale
  • init: Remove unused tcp property change actions
  • Fix fsmgr flag for F2FS Compression
  • overlays: Sync pinner config with sunfish
  • Disable ART debug and optimize dexpreopt
  • Slightly increase the minimum brightness level
  • add custom msm_irqbalance.conf
  • overlay: Update SideFps overlays
  • wifi: Enable nl broadcast logging and disable packet l…
  • Modify automatic brightness
  • overlay: Enable config_forceMultiResolution
  • sepolicy: Fix OTA auto-flashing with encrypted f2fs.
  • overlay: Update config_safe_media_volume_index
  • Set media vol steps to 25
  • powerhint: Decrease launch boost to 3sec
  • powerhint: disable UFS gating work in touch and app la…
  • powerhint: Remove SchedTune boost node
  • powerhint: Boost big cluster on interaction
  • powerhint: Avoid boosting to max freq
  • powerhint: Lower schedtune boost
  • powerhint: Adapt for atoll
  • powerhint: Remove EnergyAware node
  • powerhint: Remove unused parts
  • powerhint: Remove Google-specific camera hints
  • powerhint: Don’t restrict CPU idle levels
  • Import powerhint.json
  • rootdir: Add recovery partition to fstab
  • Disable remote keyguard animation until it’s fixed
  • Revert “Disable remote keyguard animation until it’s f…
  • wifi: Disable all logging
  • wifi: Remove TxPower2g and 5g from config file
  • vibrator: Increase default amplitude values
  • props: Enable GL comp backpressure
  • props: Enable CNE module
  • Enable asynchronous library events in WPA supplicant
  • Disable remote keyguard animation until it’s fixed
  • rootdir: tune zram performance
  • Enable zram writeback
  • Remove zram cold page writeback file
  • Enable display white balance
  • props: Use HintManager for HWUI
  • rootdir: Set 50% Zram size
  • Redirect keycode 96 to CAMERA
  • Implement keyhandler for fingerprint shutter
  • overlay: Ignore cne in location indicator
  • overlay: Adjust statusbar paddings
  • overlay: Set physical location of side fps
  • [SQUASH] audio: cleanup audio configs
  • Switch to Vulkan UI renderer
  • miatoll: overlay: Offload WM shell to another thread
  • Enable iorapd tracing with perfetto
  • sepolicy: Label more wakeup nodes
  • sepolicy: Address camera denials
  • Use FUSE passthrough mode by default
  • Build thermal 2.0 hal

ROM changes:

  • Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
  • Clean up whitelisted packages in privacy indicator controller
  • Evolver: Force black qs background in dark theme
  • Fix Google One backups
  • PixelPropsUtils: Refactor & clean up
  • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof some Google apps to raven
  • Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
  • QSFooter: Set tuner icon to always be invisible
  • RIL: Fix manual network selection with old modem
  • Settings: Add toggle for screenshot timestamp EXIF metadata
  • Settings: Check wifi direct feature for showing preferences
  • Settings: Extended Swipe Gestures: Add show recents option
  • Settings: Remove conflicting color modes array
  • SystemUI: Add dual-tone light and dark themes for QS
  • SystemUI: Always refresh power menu on UI mode change
  • SystemUI: Don’t allow the end user to disable SystemUI Tuner
  • SystemUI: Fix power menu light/dark theme switching
  • SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in quick settings
  • SystemUI: Initialize QS tiles in inactive state
  • SystemUI: Remove colorSurfaceHeader dependency from framework
  • SystemUI: Strict lock screen rotation
  • Telecomm: Provide required permissions for Telephony
  • ThemedIcons: Update and add Repainter
  • Updated translations
  • frameworks: Exempt location packages from location indicators
  • fs_mgr: Allow remounts with Magisk installed
  • init: Skip interface duplicates if service is an override
  • libsparse: Add simg2img_static target for host
  • libsysutils: Hide NetlinkListener error in recovery
  • overlay: SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in power menu
  • overlay: SystemUI: Use default surface colors for power menu buttons
  • overlay: core: Add chroma to light surface highlight color
  • prebuilt: apns-conf: Checkout to LOS
  • telephony: Bring back “Fix loading SIM phonebook redundantly”
  • telephony: Handle that an operator numeric can be null
  • vendor: Add back livedisplay permissions

Download Evolution-X v6.3.1 – official | Android 12L For Redmi Note 9S/Pro/Pro Max

Downlaod : Link

How to install Evolution-X v6.3.1 – official | Android 12L For Redmi Note 9S/Pro/Pro Max

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy

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