Download Evolution X 12.1 | Android 12L For ASUS Max Pro M2

Evolution X 12.1 is basically a complete AOSP based challenge aimed at keeping things simple, smooth and clean. We’ve included the best fitting and most used items so that they can be really useful at the end of the day, with the goal of providing smooth overall performance with longer battery life. Today we give you manual to download and install Evolution X 12.1 for ASUS Max Pro M2 with Android 12L.

But if you assume that we already have the manufacturer’s OS, then why would we want a custom ROM? However, production usually has unique lifeline support and delays in improving the current Android rollout. Many people are excited to enjoy the latest Android version.

Evolution X 12.1 has finally provided long support for the ASUS Max Pro M2 as well as a few new devices. Today we have this complete manual for downloading and installing Evolution X 12.1 for ASUS Max Pro M2 with Android 12L. Will help you

This guide will help you to decorate your android with Evolution X 12.1. We will compare your entire manual with the download link. We even point out the requirements and steps of the setup process.

Imformation of Evolution X 12.1 | Android 12L

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Released: 09/06/’22

Evolution X 12.1 | Android 12L


By: @khirendra

@VR1502 for testing.


sm8250-common: Disable sensor config for pocketmode
DeviceExtras: Clean up some doze logic
DeviceExtras: FPS: Add more colors/positions/sizes
DeviceExtras: Add a warning to USB2 FC 
Hide the "Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar" setting
PreviewInflater: Fix issue with google dialer widget on keyguard
Settings: Improve IME space feature
Show the vibrate icon in the Status Bar by default
SystemUI: Fix NPE for per-app volume
Update ThemedIcons
Merge June 2022 security patches
PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to June 2022 release
Settings: Add Remove space under keyboard feature
Settings: Fix gestures saving parameters
fastboot: Hide bootloader/baseband/hw versions if empty
fastboot: Prefer ro.boot.hardware.revision for hw-revision
fixup! Missing changes haptic issues with gestural navigation
version: Uprev to 6.5
QSFooter: Launch The Evolver when long clicking settings
Settings: Remove IME button space toggle
SystemUI: Hide OOS clear all if panel visible because Headsup
SystemUI: Hide OOS clear all if reticker enable
SystemUI: Use App icon for per-app volume
Add group audio to service
Screenrecord: Allow to reduce 3 second screen record timer
Screenrecord: Save pref for skip timer switch
Screenrecord: Slightly optimize loading/saving preferences
Screenrecord: Update layout to the new spec
Screenrecord: Use proper drawable for bigger file size limit option
SettingsLib: CollapsingToolbarBaseActivity: Increase scrim transition duration
SystemUI: KeyguardClock: Use google sans instead of harmony
SystemUI: Set lockscreen clock font dynamically
SystemUI: Use color accent for charging animation
SystemUI: Use lighter material you shades for charging animation
VolumePanel: Avoid multiple animations on touch spam
VolumePanel: Pass touch outside of volume panel
Wire up default fonts with font engine
base: Use font configs instead hardcoded fonts
core: Fix showing Toast icons for legacy apps
improve PendingIntent security check compatibility
Evolver: Remove Status bar Logo feature
Fix Wi-Fi timeout string issue in Settings search
Skip checking SystemUI's permission for observing sensor privacy
SystemUI: QSAnimator: Hide secondary label in QQS
overlay: Use config_locationExtraPackageNames for indicator exemptions
BatteryStatsImpl: Guard against OOB
Call CardDatabaseHelper.getInstance() when used and not in onCreate
Codec2: guard the dummy work signal to lahaina only
Datausage: Fix NPE in preference controller
Don't build useless html viewer
Evolver: Add 14 new VoLTE icons
Fix daveys when latch_unsignaled is used
IconPack{Sam,Victor}: Inverse vol collapse/expand anim path data
Only update the compat system UI visibility if the source is valid
PixelPropsUtils: Exclude recorder from pixel props
Settings: Fix loading iconpack-based Wellbeing icon
SystemUI: Add left padding for keyguard slices
SystemUI: Calculate paged QS tiles height properly
SystemUI: Re-inflate keyguard statusbar on theme change
base: overlay: Fix volume panel arrow in Viktor and Sam icon packs
base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
build: Override host metadata
fwb: GLSurfaceView: Be less picky about EGLConfig alpha sizes
kernel: build: Wipe DTB/O OBJs before build
libstagefright: omx: Add support for loading prebuilt ddp and ac4 decoder lib
overlay: Exclude ImsService from location indicators
Disable auth ripple and fingerprint vib by default


• Decrypted by default.
• gapps included

Download Evolution X 12.1 | Android 12L For ASUS Max Pro M2

Download : Link

How to install Evolution X 12.1 | Android 12L on ASUS Max Pro M2

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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