Download CorvusOS vS4.0 | Android 12L For Redmi Note 10 Pro (Leviathan)

Corvus OS is based on custom ROM AOSP, with all useful features inspired by Dirty Unicorns. They aim to be feature-rich as well as durable at the same time. They won’t believe that Corvus is a better ROM than others, but they will always try to give you the best.

Currently, it is also the best custom ROM for gamers. It offers game driver preferences and also provides good battery customization.

Information of CorvusOS vS4.0

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Devices : Redmi Note 10 Pro (Leviathan)

Updated: 23/08/’22

CorvusOS vS4.0 | Android 12L


• Fixed apn settings crash issues
• Fixed screen recording lag
• Fixed ripple effect
• Fixed DC dimming
• Fixed combine icons
• Added smart charging


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Download CorvusOS vS4.0 | Android 12L For Redmi Note 10 Pro (Leviathan)

Download : Link

How to install CorvusOS vS4.0 | Android 12L on Redmi Note 10 Pro (Leviathan)

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom.
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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